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    my ideal Shadow build

    Not the best idea, but at least pvp friendly.


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    Re: my ideal Shadow build

    I like your combination of certain talents such as imp. psychic scream w/ psychic horror, shadow power w/ mind melt, and imp fade w/ part of imp shadow form

    As for blackout, i'm not sure if i like that...i kinda like my 10% chance to hit w/ any spell rather than an instant crit and stun every 3 mins

    Also Nightmare is too similar to the wyvern sting (i think its called) that hunters have...also with a 30 second cooldown of an 8 second sleep effect, i think it would be too overpowered with us already having fear every 24 seconds

    I still like the idea of dispersion, but it's still missing something...the original 90% dmg reduction w/ 6% health and mana return was pretty good....but since they took out the health regen, i think they need to give it something else...(possibly a damage effect. Eg. damages the closest enemy within 30 yards for 300 damage every 2-3 seconds?)

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    Re: my ideal Shadow build

    Too bad they made Dispersion such a crappy talent now. Sure, it gives mana back, which is nice, but it needs to _do_ more to be viable in a PvP situation.

    It must be a nightmare having to balance talents within a class, in terms of synergy, as well as balancing classes within the world, according to so many situations: PvP -- battlegrounds, world PvP and arena; and PvE -- soloing, group questing, instances (both normal and heroic), and 10- and 25-man raids.

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