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    Best Professions for Enhancement

    I know this was probably on here somewhere, but I couldn't find it, so if anyone could give me a link to a different discussion let me know. If not, I was simply wondering what professions will be best for Enhancement come WOTLK...I've been resto for a while and now I am wanting to go back to being Enhancement...Any ideas?

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    Re: Best Professions for Enhancement

    I've got Jewelcrafting + Mining which will yield + 500 HP on my tauren shaman and 3x unique gems from the JC Quite nice with 3x189 armor pen gems

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    Re: Best Professions for Enhancement

    I've got herbalism and alchemy and I think it's quite fine. The free HoT you get from Herbalism is a godsend and as a potion master I'll benefit a lot from haste potions, much more than I did before.
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    Re: Best Professions for Enhancement

    what about Skinning?

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    Re: Best Professions for Enhancement

    skinning gives additional critical strike chance. I forgot what's the percentage. I have to log on to PTR again :

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    Re: Best Professions for Enhancement

    alchemy and leatherworking. improved flasks and durations, alch stones, and the bracer enchants are amazing.

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    Re: Best Professions for Enhancement

    So now that we are getting closer to Wrath and Professions are being finalized any new opinions? I heard someone before mention BS/Eng...What is the outlook of that now?

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    Re: Best Professions for Enhancement

    1.13% at Level 70 or 0.54% at Level 80.
    That's the info i found on the skinning buff... Mining gives you 35 Stam.
    As previously stated flower picking gives you a Hot of 2k for 5secs with a 3m CD.
    Alchemy lets you make stronger elixirs/flasks %25 on elixirs/pots and %50 on flasks.
    Blacksmiths gives you a buckle for belts/bracers/gloves to attach 1 extra GEM of any color to the item in exchange of it not being enchanted... although it doesn't seem to be confirmed yet...
    Tailoring gives you 3 different cloak enchants.
    Enchanting/Engineering/Leatherworking are almost untouched minor thing but nothing major will affect dps.
    JC does give much better personal gems... but they're only single color so keep that in mind.
    & lastly inscription gives you 1 more glyph.

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    Re: Best Professions for Enhancement

    Skinning and Leatherworking has worked out well for me. In WotLK we get to make some nice item enchantments too.

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