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    [Gara'Jal The Spiritbinder] Keep wiping on him

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    2 healing and hitting the enrage timer = your dps is too low.

    Going into the spirit world gives dps a massive dps boost, and healers get a mana boost, there is not only no detriment to going into the spirit world, you're in fact hurting the raid by not doing so.
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    you should make sure if people come out of the spirit realm they spend the 30second buff on the boss as much as possible. If you are progressing through msv and 2 healing, that is impressive. hitting enrage timer while doing this? people need to learn their class/ optimize their stats/ ect. to raise dps

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    Your DPS does seem to be very low.

    The way *I* would do it in normal is send the same 2 dps down constantly. I would definitely send the moonkin down, and maybe one of the hunters - they can go back down as soon as their timer runs out every time. If they get ahead of the add spawn, you can let one of them stay up. Alternate healers going down for mana regen. (send 2-3 people every time) Can't let your raid get behind on adds.

    Roll tank CDs the entire time they're tanking. It looks like you lost some people to voodoo dolls. Use hand of protection on tanks, also.

    Lust on the pull.

    When boss is at ~20-25%, stop sending people down and start rolling raid CDs (devotion aura, etc) and burn the boss down. Make sure tanks have CDs the entire time.

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    Yeah your dps is low. Tresh is under 30k... ok 467, but still.

    Walk through your raiders and make sure:

    a) they have caps met (Tresh for example isn't hit or expertise capped. Rasalgul is expertise capped but not hit capped). All of your raiders need to make sure that they're capped on hit and, if needed, expertise. If they don't know the caps, send them to the class guides here for a start. In general, people need to be responsible enough to know what stats they need and to make sure that their combination of gear, enchants, gems and reforges are as good as they can get. There's zero excuse for a level 90 raiding toon to be under caps or not know their stat priorities. Again, send them to the relevant class and spec guide here if they need help .

    b) if they have dots or debuffs, make sure they have high uptime. I'll pick on your hunters again since that's what I know DPSwise... they both have poor uptime on Serpent Sting and for Tresh (being SV) that's critical to keep up.

    c) Make sure they're casting signature spells when they're off CD. For Tresh, that's Explosive shot, Black arrow, etc. Other things like Glaive Toss too. You can analyze this by dividing the CD on those spells into the fight length expressed in seconds. So a spell with a six second CD could be cast 50 times in a 5 minute (300 sec) fight (300secs/6secs = 50). Now, given openers, people getting into postion, etc you might only really expect 48 or 49 as a max... so if someone cast 45 of that spell, eh, that's OK. But if they cast, say, 20? They're slacking.

    Once they have stats set up, have them hit the dummies and log things. Look over the logs to see if dot uptimes are good and shots/spells are being cast as often as they should be. DPS should use an addon if they have issues tracking what's available. Weak Auras, TellMeWhen, whatever. The specific tool isn't as important as having something say to them "Hey dummy! I'm off CD, cast me!!!"
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    Yea dps seems to be the issue, not to familiar on the buff mechanic you get from being healed by a healer in the spirit realm but other then that not much else effecting dps other then just each player doing more dps. On my holy paladin our disc priest in the normal realm is able to mitigate most the voodoo doll damage to the raid so I can spend more time helping dps the boss. If healers can they should be helping out as much as possible because you get pretty much infinite mana from the spirit realm buff.

    With the pally healer in spirit realm so I can get out of it quicker I just beacon myself and spam FoL on the other two and then as soon as all 3 of us are topped off I get out. Besides that its just a dps issue for this fight as long as no one dies.

    On the rake idea go for it if that would be enough to kill them, and just have the other person in there finnish them off. Killing spirits in there is simply to help the healers might need to stress them a bit if it means more damage on the boss.

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    Just looked at our 5 minute kill last week. Our total raid dps was 308k (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/k...?s=4838&e=5152). Yours was 208k. So, yeah, I'd say your issue was just DPS - improve that and things will be fine (assuming you know/execute tactics).

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