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Looking at the SS'es and not all the complaints, it's easy to answer some of the questions.

1) It DOES affect people in multiple groups (Sxei in the SS is in a 10-man raid, people healed are in both groups - notably, the main target is in Grp 1, and Sxei in Grp 2 is healed by the AE)

2) It apparently does affect the 5 lowest health people inside it's range. Please notice in SS#1 that EVERYBODY in Group 1 and Group 2 are at FULL HEALTH. Which is why there were several 0 heals with full overhealing.

I think the range on it should probably be buffed up to 10 yards. Perhaps even 15. Since it doesn't have a negative impact on the original spell (unlike Glyph of FoL), a 10-15 yard range would be fine. And, unlike what Fadibo said, it DOESN'T CHANGE THE ORIGINAL SPELL'S EFFECT ON THE MAIN TARGET. So it's not just a decently effective AE heal, but it's also a solidly effective single target heal.

Notice the 10K heal on the main target? That's about 50% of a pvp geared dps or healing class at 80. About 25%-30% for a well-geared Tank - actually, somewhat more at Naxx levels of gear, seeing as it's being MT'd at about 24K-26K health, which puts it at approximately 40% of a MAIN TANK'S HEALTH. That's a better percentage than a Holy Priest with 2100 +heal on Live, doing even ZA level content, where you see 5.5K GHeals on a tank with 16-18K health. Also, I'll just add that my holy priest on the premade beta server, with 1608 spellpower, was only dropping GHeal for 8.5K.

They're also using the Glyph system to give Pallies a HoT - sorta. Glyph of FoL cuts it's initial heal in half, but you get 200% of it's initial healing over the next 15 seconds. That works out to 150% of it's normal healing, but as a HoT.

Just some info. Here's lists of glyphs for other classes with healing specs:


does the BoL target gain the healing effect from glyphed FoL hot? and does it for glyphed HL?