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    Re: SoCom and Haste

    With Swift Retribution we would gain a 3% increased attackspeed, so let's do some math;

    Without Swift Retribution

    60 / 3.60 = 16,666666666666666666666666666667 = 16 attacks per minute.

    60 / 3.80 = 15,789473684210526315789473684211 = 15 attacks per minute.

    With Swift Retribution

    60 / (3.60 - 3.60 * 0.03) = 17,18213058419243986254295532646 = 17 attacks per minute.

    60 / (3.80 - 3.80 * 0.03) = 16,277807921866521975040694519805 = 16 attacks per minute.

    Now overall most matches are over in 2/3 minutes so you would gain 3 attacks at most. IMO that is not loosing 3 talentpoints over.

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    Re: SoCom and Haste

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawberry
    Not anymore? Seal of Command has never worked with Haste.

    Secondly, it does seem to in Wrath of the Lich King;

    Mine was in reference to the previous post, where he used the post-hasted numbers to calculate the proc %.

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    Re: SoCom and Haste

    Quote Originally Posted by GT4
    Actually there is. It's probably around 1 second and stops SoC from chainproccing off instants as they changed Judgement, Crusader Strike and Divine Storm to proc Seals now.
    Is it neccessary though? Doesn't global cooldown mean you can only cast one thing every 1.5 sec to begin with? (Or you mean for autoattack + spell?)

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    Re: SoCom and Haste

    Seal of Command always had a 1-2~ second internal cooldown, have you ever witnessed Seal of Command proccing on an autoattack when it just procced of your Crusader Strike?

    Some mathematical information can be found here;

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    Re: SoCom and Haste

    You make a fair point rawberry, but don't forget that haste is general now and applies to spell casting as well AND benefits your partner. Even if 3% haste isn't mathematically directly beneficial to you, it may be to whomever you're playing with and will certainly benefit you in case you need to heal.

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