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    holy shock

    i was thinking about rolling a pally alt for pvp and i wanted to hear what people thought of shockadins. i was thinking something along the lines of

    /flame on!

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    Re: holy shock

    This is what I would roll with. You'd be using a spell power one hander and shield so go for crusade and you'll need to be in melee range anyway so there is no point in going for enlightened judgements. You definitely need blessed hands and infusion of light. The aim for this set up is to survive long enough to whittle your opponent down so you'll need as much healing power as you have offence. The best thing about infusion of light is that it procs off offensive holy shock crits, so you can zap someone and then insta heal yourself for heaps.

    I've tried this spec on beta and in group pvp it rocks, solo pve it blows damn hard. Mobs take forever to kill.

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