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    IDS in WotLK will it stack

    Hey all I was just wondering if anyone on beta/ptr can tell will IDS stack with any other spell pwr buffs? Trying to eliminate any excess points i wont need for raiding from my spec thanks. Current thought on 5man spec is this http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...00000000000000

    only change in raid would be points out of Inspiration for DS/IDS

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    Re: IDS in WotLK will it stack

    It doesn't stack with Flametongue Totem / Totem of Wrath if that's what you're asking.

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    Re: IDS in WotLK will it stack

    doenst stack with
    Flametongue Totem(shamy), Totem of Wrath(shamy), Demonic Pact(lock, but this only last 12 secs)

    so if you have a shaman in raid would be useless

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    Re: IDS in WotLK will it stack

    Get regular DS.... IDS isnt worth the 2 Talent Points. Put them elsewhere.

    Very few raids will not have a shammy (especially given the buffs that Elemental has been given)- the only times that you might find IDS useful would be 5 mans, and a few 10 mans.

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