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    Mind Sear Graphic?

    The new spell of the Priest, the salvation and ray of hope to all Shadow Priests, Mind Sear. It does okay damage for an AoE, and it's not a bad spell even though it doesn't harm the target it is used on. So what is the problem?

    Last time I saw Mind Sear, it was when the beta first opened and it was a video on some website. The video consisted of a Priest surrounded by these tiny penguins...and so, she casts Mind Sear. Much to my horror, I saw Mind Flay...then tiny little blasts of shadow to the surrounding penguins' heads.

    This is our new spell? A new version of Mind Flay? Yes, the have redone the graphic on Mind Flay and it is stunning to say the least, but has anyone heard anything about getting the graphic of Mind Sear revamped?

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    Re: Mind Sear Graphic?

    I seriously couldn't care what it looks like as long as it does decent damage and from what i've read the spell is supposed to make us a decently strong AoE class.... do you seriously care that much if it looks like MF?

    Ps. the reason it doesnt damage the target you cast it on is to ensure they don't die prematurely and thus cancel the spell. Not sure if it helps that much but thats the philosophy behind that mechanic.

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    Re: Mind Sear Graphic?

    Thinking a bit more about this... AoE is one of the main causes for lag or poor FPS... i hope it's not that elaborate so it's guaranteed to run smooth...

    And lets not blame my system, it's more than decent to run WoW and is fine 90% of the time but encounters like Felmyst where a lot of graphics are going on most people get lag that can really make or break a successful encounter.

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    Re: Mind Sear Graphic?

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    Re: Mind Sear Graphic?

    Thank you sooooo much Nezoia for a picture as well as the link explaining more about the spell. I now have some amount of faith within the spell and it's really true that seeing is believing. ;D

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