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    Re: New Pala Skill...

    unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful :

    I am a Mage.
    Avatar shamelessly stolen from Deviant Art, all credit to the author
    Phailah|Forged|Drak'thul EU

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    Re: New Pala Skill...

    haha, if you're flaming' me for my gear, then you should check out the rest of the gear I have on :P I was playing' around in Stormwind with my Knight Lieutenant gear. But if getting my arena rating up higher then 1500 means I lose any and all spelling and grammar, then I think I'll stay where I'm at.

    And you're really killing me with the whole "pala" thing.

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    Re: New Pala Skill...

    Mhm than hf ;D and thx to Ruinhammer, Dinamic, Pest for a normal feedback

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