Suggestions from Celey, level 70 Night Elf priest on Neptulon

Experience since dawn of USA Open Beta and release of EU version aka Vanilla wow..
Having over 150~200 days played... yes I fail dont remind me. I certainly understand my class and this game.
My raiding experience PvE wise:
- WoW AQ40 upto Twin Emps and Naxx roughly 2~3 each wing Spider only cleared
- WoW TBC BT and MH cleared and slacking @ Kalec in SWP

My experience being an SP in PvP.. I wouldnt call myself a hardcore PvP`er being that Shadow was somewhat shit to be mid S2 ~ start S3 upto today. Being Shadow as mainspec, I gave up on Arena for 2 whole seasons.

My best personal rating was 1800 in S4, far from proper I know but has its own reasons. Time being one of them.

I`ve cancelled my subscription for some weeks and planning to do so untill the expansion comes and time will tell if ill start again. The expansion still keeps me occupied and playing the PTR actively, testing and searching for improvements.

For the latter i`m writing this topic, it contains some tweaks to abilities where I feel we currently lack survivability in. This topic is focussed on being a Shadow Priest, this has been my entire TBC carriere and there lies my interest.

Why the PvP aspect... Well I could nag about PvE but I am clueless atm how level 80 will be for the damage but I have faith in blizzard that they want to equalize the damage output of classes that provide the same utility.

Eg SP`s retridins and Survival Huntards are expected to be on par, dps wise @ level 80 (and not far above or below other classes)

Vamperic Touch
Vamperic Touch is a weak DoT and it has allways been like that, the compensation for this talent was its mana regen utility. Now thats somewhat diminished, i`d prefer that the talent changes somewhat.

Keep the current Damage but in return on Dispell it gives back x % Mana of the casters full mana pool.
Its not overpowered, in PvP we are having mana issues and besides that factor it gives us somewhat protection and more utility in PvP. My suggestion to fill the x % would be equal to the paladins 20% mana return upon using a judgement.

Dispersion currently is a great tool for PvP when being either focussed fired or stunned by a rogue, this actually gives us a chance vs rogues, at least vs the noobs among them. (this currently only shown @ PTR and am totally clueless about this when being level 80 but right now im loving it.

Its PvE useage is rather weak atm, and even tho blizzard stated that they passed their budget when it comes to the dps benchmark. Yes right now blizzard feels that our dps is proper now, altho we all know our scaling sucks > lets just have faith in their words.

My suggestion to this spell, because being a 51 pointer its to weak in its current form > is to add an aoe effect when it ends. Eg an AoE Stun or knockback + minor damage that effects everyone within 10 yards (12 yards if taken effect of 20% range increase).

Yes it remains a PvP Tool, sorry for my lack of thoughts... I dont see any PvE posibilities in this spell regardless of being an O Shit!1!! button.

Our range for silence, 20 yards and the cooldown of 45 seconds is totally absurd and not acceptable.
Second on that, our 10/20 % range increase does not affect silence, altho its an Offensive Shadow spellcast.

My suggestion would ofcourse be adjust the range according to the talents or add 5~10 yards basic. The cooldown however is debateable, everyone would love a lower cooldown but personal 45 seconds > I can live with it.

However seeing DK`s receiving a 30 second Silence non talented (5 seconds aswell) is a killer > Equalize the cooldown to both 30 or 45 seconds.

Had my thoughts of wanting Silence being traineable aswell, however being realistic... that would become overpowered for the healing pvp priests among us.

Well, pretty sure everyone has their thoughts > the changes are minimal and not game breaking. At least not thro my eyes. I`d like some opinions before finalizing a proper feedback for Blizzard on the official forums.

Small bump from my PTR Experience:
When using Devouring Plague, I`ve not tested this without the fear, and fearing the person afterwards it will remove the DP when he or she uses the PvP Trinket/Human racial ability to remove all CC on that person.

I`ve reported it, but yet to see any feedback from blizzard > Currently stopped my WoW account so not able to use the Forums either untill i`ll pay my subscription which will be next week. So gogo spam blizzard and spread the word.

Unless you`ll think DP should be dispelled by this trinket (its not a CC) :-\