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    Major Healing Vs. Major Spellpower to weapon

    As you all know the move from +healing to Spellpower will be made in 3.0. The question I ask is will anyone still use Enchant weapon Major healing since you get only 3 extra spellpower out of it compared to enchant weapon major spell power at the added cost.

    Major healing costs: 8 Large prismatics 8 Primal life and 8 Primal water
    Major Spellpower cost: 8 large prismatic 8 Greater planar essence

    Or does blizzard just not care because of the introduction of
    Exceptional Spellpower cost: 10 infinite dust and 2 great cosmic essence?

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    Re: Major Healing Vs. Major Spellpower to weapon

    I'm gonna go with "Or does blizzard just not care......"
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    Re: Major Healing Vs. Major Spellpower to weapon

    Enchants that used to be "Plus Healing" should now have a side effect...mp5, spirit increase, or maybe a name change regent change and give something different like damage and crit...get inventive with it.


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    Re: Major Healing Vs. Major Spellpower to weapon

    Seems kinda stupid having two enchants that do exactly the same. If Blizzard decided to make this HUGE change to game mechanics they should also think about us Enchanters.

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    Re: Major Healing Vs. Major Spellpower to weapon

    There's a new enchant for spellpower for endgame. There's no reason to remove one of the existing enchants at 70 just because it does 3 more spelldamage or whatever. Those enchants exist on weapons, so they have to be kept in game or else Blizzard would have to do some very fun database manipulations to get the change done, it's just not worth the effort just because of a 3 spell damage difference.

    Currently, my weapon of choice for levelling in wotlk would be my healing mace, so i already have the healing enchant on it anyway. Don't think i'd bother to reapply another enchant on myu dps weapon if i got one better suited for levelling.

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