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    Re: Death to twinks?

    Quote Originally Posted by jhemfl
    If you think twinks are legit, I'm sorry you are a complete moron. You have to look at the game from the perspective of a brand new player. Some people never even hit 70 and like to pvp. I have 5 70's myself, 1 is in full t6 another is in 4/5 s4. But, people at my work play WoW and don't have 70's and they always tell me they wish they could pvp with out being completely raped.

    Twinks ruin any part of pvp before level 70. Its certainly not cheating but you have an extreme advantage due to gold and access to having higher levels farm you gear. Personally, I think people who make twinks are obviously horrible at pvp @ 70 so they must create a twink so that they can have an unfair advantage against their oponents because that's the only way they can win anything.

    In response to the guy who said he makes a twink because he only needs to farm the items 1 time. Yeah I agree it sucks to repetively farm, what they need to implement is a trade system. So that you may trade in your old gear for the new gear at a lower cost. (honor and marks)

    I'm sorry as far as twinks go, they need to implement exp into BG's so that twinks are removed from this game. Experienced players do not BG before 70 because they know about twinks, so you're clearly playing against noobs. So you guys who make twinks are doing nothing but raping people who don't know how to play the game. Let me tell you how awesome you are...
    So you're saying anyone who has reached level 70 knows how to play the game? Twink BGs with inexperience players is no different than level 70 BGs with inexperience players. And how would you know that experienced players don't BG before 70? Do you know every single player in all of WoW? 9/10 matches I go into on my twink generally have an equal amount of twinks on both sides...aka its equal.

    Twinks are a part of the game, I'm sure hundreds of Blizz employees have one of their own. It's a whole new aspect of the game, same as Arena. Then again, you probably think theres nothing wrong with S4 geared players steamrolling Blues and Green geared players in the 1500's eh? Same difference.

    Oh and congrats on all the PvE gear...must be something special running the same scripted encounters over and over again.

    To your co-workers...tough luck. Stepping into a BG at 18 in crappy gear is no different than stepping into a BG at 70 in crappy gear....the odds are still against you. Just like you have to spend hours farming for honor and marks at 70, you have to spend hours farming mats, instances, gold to gear up a twink. Funny how in order to make a twink for PvP you have to spend hours in PvE content. In other words, twinking is far more demanding than afking in AV to get your free epics.

    Tell your co-workers to stop wasting time trying to get gear that they will out level in a matter of hours, reach 70 and then start complaining about all the S4 geared players.

    FYI: I have a twink BECAUSE it's very different than level 70 BGs and Arena. Instead of an endless steam of rush games or cookie cutter duels it's actually played out how it's supposed to be.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lansworthy
    Deathwing will come and go RAWR RAWR IM A DWAGON
    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyCasual View Post
    There's no point in saying this, even if you slap them upside down and inside out with the truth, the tin foil hat brigade will continue to believe the opposite.

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    Re: Death to twinks?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ida
    My friends hunter has hit over 1.2k aimed shots, which is more than enough to send them into a vanish. Rogues are not that bad in 39 unless its a ambusher but if that initial ambush isn't a 1 hit you can escape most the time.
    Rogue shouldn't be able to get away from you if you're smart at all and know how to use flare.

    Rogue will not be 1 shotting me at this level at all.

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    Re: Death to twinks?

    Twink means homo.

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    Re: Death to twinks?

    Quote Originally Posted by ragnarokvr6
    Twink means homo.
    Someone using this means they have no valid argument.


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