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    Holy pvp specs

    I was thinking about these specs. I'll start of with the most crazy one:

    Build #1

    It has from holy:
    - instant heal from holy shock
    - more holy crit
    - less silence duration
    - less fear + disorrientate duration
    - spell push prevention
    from prot:
    - kings
    - longer freedom
    - less stun duration
    - less snare duration
    - more armor
    - faster hammer of justice
    from retribution:
    - more parry
    - shorter judgements
    - even more crit
    - protection against seal dispelling
    - faster run speed
    - stun removal with freedom

    This build looks to have all the nice stuff from all the trees. The problem with this build is that it specializes in nothing. I see this as a healing arena spec but it doesn't have nice stuff like infusion of light or art of war. Still it has holy shock and many talents to reduce/remove debuffs and lockdowns. As an added bonus it has lots of crit.

    Build #2

    This build is mostly prot. Holy till holy shock and the rest in prot. With this build you still have alot of debuff reduction. You also will last longer with higher sta and will do especially good at 'tanking' rogues and warrior or pets. I choose reckoning in this build for the fact that if for instance a rogue is on you then a reckoning proc means twice the change of proccing a seal of justice stun. Might also come in handy with seal of wisdom though. I would probably only try such a build if melee dps'ers are over represented in arena. I was thinking about guarded by the light and touched by light to but if you take that you won't have holy shock and I believe a healing paladin desperately needs to have an instant heal.

    Build #3

    This is the best offensive holy spec I could come up with. Initially most were thinking about infusion of light but in it's current nerfed-to-shit form I don't see any reason to go deeper into holy. In the retribution tree I see alot of good talents. The main difference between this build and the first build is having repentance, art of war and judgements of the wise. Repentance is in my opinion a godsent for pvp. Art of war in combination with fanaticism is really nice for instant flash of lights. Judgements of the wise is nerfed now but it is still good to get mana back and thus battle the mana drainers. Some variations are possible like no imp concentration aura and sanctified retribution instead. I went for imp. conc. aura and put the floating retri point in vengeance for a tiny amount of extra nuking damage. Improved might is arguably better but if you start the fight with might up and wearing a shield they will surely expect you to nuke. You can also put the divine intellect points into spiritul focus.

    I don't know if I can savely say this but I'll do it anyway. This build comes to closest to being a shockadin the way I see it. With the buffs to holy shock a divine favor + wings + holy shock goes for high damage and with fanaticism + art of war your judgements will do good damage to. What worries me though is that judgements deal a lot less damage on ptr then on live. I personally think the seal and judgement of righteousness should have a much higher spell power coefficient because this is the true holy paladin seal/judgement. Retri won't use it and prot can use vengeance/corruption. Holy paladins need a pure or high spell power coefficient attack. Also for the sake of solo'ing. They have really gone too far with the attack power crap I think.

    I will most like play with build #3 myself. I believe holy shock + repentance is just awesome and the rest is the cherry on the cake.

    A last note I would like to make. Deep holy makes me very very very sad

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    Re: Holy pvp specs

    Some thoughts?

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