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    Another Inscription Question

    Hey folks,

    I am trying to prepare for the new profession and the one question that is on my mind, is whether its possible for a level 70 to learn up to max Inscription and learn everything about it (including the research business). I have 5 70's and have an idea of the order of leveling and I don't want to change the professions on the first two that I will level. So was hoping to have the third learn everything I can with inscription while he is still 70. If anyone can shed some light on this, that would be greatly appreciated.

    I don't know about the rest of you but I am looking forward to the expansion. Have a good one.


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    Re: Another Inscription Question

    When the patch hits no. 375, the same as the rest. In order to go to Grand Master you have to go to Northrend. You will be able to do this once the expansion launches and begin leveling past 375...you can do this at level 70 yes but I hope you have a character with Herbalism.
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    Re: Another Inscription Question

    The first toon I will be leveling has herbalism (recently leveled which helped gathering the earlier stuff). Thanks for responding to my question. Its going to make it easier not having to drop any of the current professions I have. Cheers.


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