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    Tailoring query

    Hello all

    Very sorry if this has been dealt with already.

    Will the 375 tailoring specialisation matter in WotLK? Example: my priest is a 375 primal mooncloth tailor, and I don't know whether that specialisation will continue in the expansion (i.e. pattern sets specific to primal mooncloth tailoring).

    I ask because I have respecced my priest from holy to shadow for levelling, and I want to change specialisations from primal mooncloth to frozen shadowweave for maximum damage. I don't want to do this, however, if at level 80 I must change specialisations back to primal mooncloth (or an extension of it) to benefit from new patterns for holy priests.

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    Re: Tailoring query

    Since everything will be Spellpower now, IMO FSW sucks when compared to spell fire, unless you REALLY need the stam-

    I’m not in beta, So I’m really not sure if the specializations at 70 will be linked to the specializations at 80, primarily due to the cloth/set names being slightly altered- Shadowcloth = Ebonweave, but I'd like to know as well.

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    Re: Tailoring query

    seriously doubt mooncloth etc will have anything to do with anything at 80, just go shadow.. But IF it somehow does, just change back? If it makes your life easier now, you should do it

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    Re: Tailoring query

    Since you wont be making any Shadowcloth/Primal Mooncloth etc in WOTLK im going to go out on a limb here and say it wont matter in the slightest, of course nothing is set in stone and nothing has been mentioned but with the changes to Spellpower etc its a pretty safe bet to say it doesnt matter what you are now.

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    Re: Tailoring query

    Hey, so long as you can make a Flying Carpet it doesn't matter what spec you are!


    Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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    Re: Tailoring query

    Gaiwyn wins!

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    Re: Tailoring query

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaiwyn
    Hey, so long as you can make a Flying Carpet it doesn't matter what spec you are!


    Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

    But on a sidenote, the cloth we make now is useless in the expansion and FSW is getting nerfed with the next patch... rather get some normal gear or badge loot.

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