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    Re: GhostCrawler(READ THE DAMN POST FIRST)

    Quote Originally Posted by Herrera
    You are very naive. Blizzard is reading this forums as well as most of the popular WoW related sites. They have even responded to posts on Elitist Jerks forum.
    There are many community helpers which give Blizzard feedback about what's going on in the community. Much more than we think.
    Even I could be one of them.
    I'm naive for having an opinion?

    I think they might get some input from some of the people from Elitist Jerks but probably mostly because they are members of the special raiding guilds in beta.

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    Re: GhostCrawler(READ THE DAMN POST FIRST)

    still, where is our mobility and flexibility to heal?

    i dont want to reroll some other class to be able to heal good
    Armour is no protection against the blessed tools of the righteous

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