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    WTF imp pwf tier 3

    What is the point of moving the imp pwf to tier 3 and moving upp the crappy imp fire sheild to tier to in the talent tree.
    A total nerf of all healing specs misses points and need to put points in crapy places that we don´t need (imp fire sheild).

    Any1 thinking of using imp fire sheild or tried on a beta ream if its good?

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    Re: WTF imp pwf tier 3

    improved inner fire gives about 70 spell power last i check, for a fire and forget buff. And it allows disc priests to dig down to the bottom of the tree without wasting points in improved fort.

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    Re: WTF imp pwf tier 3

    54 spelldamage (45% of 120)

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    Re: WTF imp pwf tier 3

    This change is horrible, now i have to waste 2 talent pts in disc just to be able to get down to the very vital meditation.

    Previously it was perfect.

    T1: 5 pts in UW
    T2: Silent resolve + imp fort
    T3: Inner Focus + Meditation

    Now i will have to put

    T1: 5 pts in UW
    T2: Silent resolve + 2 pts wasted in something else
    T3: Imp Fort + Inner Focus + Meditation

    And the pts are short enough as they are to get the stuff from holy.

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    Re: WTF imp pwf tier 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Eloro
    I will shoot any disc priest not getting imp fort, if you expect to come as disc you bring the buffs and don't shaft the holy/shadow priests who don't want to go deeper in that tree.
    Agreed, had the suspicion (perhaps hope =p), he was talking about a pvp build, but if a disci priest ever tries to get into my healing team without imp pwf he'll get a severe bitchslapping.
    I tasted bacon.. one day..

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    Re: WTF imp pwf tier 3


    This is my dream for the holy tree.

    And to make this complte (for my own wet dream) put Meditation and imp fort on T1.

    Giving 5 pts + 3 in T2 (resolve or firem, wichever u prefer)

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