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    Re: What happened to Seal of Command

    the fact that SoComm can proc off DS and CS is really nice and actually in my testing turns out to be about the same dps as SoB and actually does more total dmg than SoB thus seeming like blizzard normalised this on purpose so that you do the same amount of dmg with both seals, you juts chose to sacrifice health for your dmg if you use SoB. For 1 tallent point and the changes to what it is now and how SoComm is on live atm, i welcome the changes.

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    Re: What happened to Seal of Command

    The "it's only one talent point" arguement is one I hate to see people use. It doesn't matter is a one, five, or twenty point investment - if it's not worth the investment, it's a blatant waste of points that could be better spent maximising yourself with other talents in the tree. Personally, I won't be putting a point into Seal of Command. I feel that, even assuming it was a minor DPS increase over Seal of Blood (which I can assure you it isn't when you consider Judgement damage), I know I could increase my DPS more by spending that talent point in another talent which increased my overall DPS, rather than an extra seal that needed to use a Glyph slot up to even compare to the other seals.

    Waste of a point in my honest opinion. You lose a Glyph slot on a seal that can easily be replaced by one we get as baseline.

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    Re: What happened to Seal of Command

    [me=Rawberry]stabs this thread.[/me]

    Die thread, die!

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    Re: What happened to Seal of Command

    I want to see how Righteousness scales with AP. My guess is it would obviously be behind the others, but as they all scale with AP (and haste) SoR could put out decent damage.

    Keep in mind SoC is the only damage seal not affected by Seals of the Pure.

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    Re: What happened to Seal of Command

    been doing some testing on PTR with SoC and SoB with the SoC glyph and the dps output on a lvl 70 dummy is pretty much the same, unless im getting a pretty insane proc rate with SoC ide say Soc is better atm :O!

    Plus SoB in pvp? are yee insannnnnne!? judging that badboy is costing me atleast 800hp a pop, even with the instant FoL thats waaay too much damage to be doing to myself lol.

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    Re: What happened to Seal of Command

    You want SoCommand for thaddius in naxx atleast...

    Seal of the martyr is the dps king though, SoC can't really compare..

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