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    Addon help for a newbie(mage)

    Ok, so I just started up WoW a week or so ago and I'm currently level 24. I've already gotten the Questhelper and Cartographer addons with ease, but I'm currently having trouble getting other addons to work properly. So far I've downloaded Quartz(to help with cooldowns for mages or whatever it was), Bartender 4(New action bar, old one gets lame looking), ButtonFacade, and ButtonFacade-Apathy.

    Now I copied all the folders to the Addons folder properly, and then ran WoW. What ended up happening was my action bar wasn't in the normal place, which is fine I guess, if it wasn't for all my actions were located in really odd places, some together and some not... The problem went away when I turned Bartender 4 off, but in the end I ended up deleting all of the folders from the Addon folder. Quartz didn't seem to work either, but I was able to tool around with the settings in the Addon Preferences if I wanted to.

    Any help for this newbie would GREATLY appreciated, maybe suggest all the addons I should install and whatnot would be awesome!

    PS: Is there only supposed to be the Cartographer and Questhelper folders in my Addons folder? Because for some reason there's other folders as well that look like maybe defaults or something, just a bunch of them, like 15 or so I'd guess. Should I delete them? Whichs ones, etc.

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    Re: Addon help for a newbie(mage)

    Cant tell you which addons to install, that is different from player to player.

    For the subfolder in your addonfolder, there are some from blizz, like /BlizzardAuctionUI, dont delete them.

    When you install Bartender, its quite usual it looks strange, just open /bar config and play around with it until you like what you see. Once you get used to it easy. No idea what was up with quartz, i installed it an it worked great from the start if i know right.

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    Re: Addon help for a newbie(mage)

    What should Quartz look like when you successfully install it? Also, how exactly does it work? Does a bar immediately pop up whenever I cast a certain spell or something?

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    Re: Addon help for a newbie(mage)

    Her you can read what it can do and on the screen see how it should look. http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-a...ls/quartz.aspx

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    Re: Addon help for a newbie(mage)

    Just installing an addon usually isn't enough, most of them can be set up in a thousand ways. That's the reason why people want it, to make the game look exactly the way they want.
    See in the addon folders if there is a readme, else try for example /quartz ingame to bring up a menu or list with commands.

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