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    Holy Shield damage calculation

    does anyone know what the addition of dmg is to holy shield. does it gain dmg from spell dmg as well as attack power, is block value added at all. Currently i am at 208 tooltip but it's averaging 340 with a melee weapon and 360 with a spell power weapo, anyone got fixed numbers on this or is testing still being done?

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    Re: Holy Shield damage calculation

    pure spell damage from what I understand. it's unchanged from TBC.

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    Re: Holy Shield damage calculation

    I can't give you a source, unfortunately, but I've heard that it does indeed scale with AP, just on a much lesser scale (something to the tune of about half of SP). Once again, I cannot confirm this, so take it with a grain of salt.

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    Re: Holy Shield damage calculation

    I believe theres a link to hard math in the FAQ that rawberry put together. If not send a msg to Bas. He'll fire you back a wall of incomprehendable math (We love you Bas) that will blow your mind so much that you wont worry about any kind of numbers or spell coefficients for a week of sundays.
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