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    Suggestion for beta forums

    So this is mine first time ever starting new topic and its not as easy as I taught it is :P

    I would like to ask some1 politely with beta account to Suggest on blizzards beta forums if they could put 11 pt talent in prot some sort of interupt , maybe some talents that give judgements ability to interupt . This would help holy paladins / ret paladins in arenas and prots in pve or (lol arena )

    Tbh am mostly looking at that as buff to holy palas in arena that only have 1 min hoj ( or 30 sec talented ) so paladins have some way to endanger oposite team in some way . ATM every healer can just stand next to paladin and do whatver he wants since we cant do anything to them compared to other healers that can :
    Shamans can earth shock /ground totem / purge / frost shock ( tho it shares same cd with earth shock )
    Priests mana burn / fear / eaven MC some1 off be bridge / around pillar or someting
    Druids cyclone / root / feral charge ( tho they will have to go prity deep into feral for it in wotlk)
    and our paladins can hoj ... and ... BE paladins can silence for 2 sec and thats prity much it ( I know that joj can b usefull sometimes but not as often as any other healers skills )

    AM ok with haveing to los other dps and pillar hug but running away from other healers is not ok

    If this was allready asked b4 and I missed it , sorry

    I know that mine eng sux but I hope that every1 can understand what I wanted to say


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    Re: Suggestion for beta forums

    You got bubble, you don't go oom, you can heal quite good (atleast on ptr), you have 5 sec stun in which you can do huge amounts of damage, you even got new instant aoe, and no druid can run away from you, you can't be slowed and you can't be kited (unless your total retard ), and if target manages to get away from you can always smack them hard with crit hammer. And you want interrupt also ?

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    Re: Suggestion for beta forums

    HoJ now has a 3 second interupt built into it so we don't really need another one.

    They are taking their time putting in a new 11 pointer though,

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    Re: Suggestion for beta forums

    Point is that after we used that hoj we have no way to defend ourselves from :
    Priest that chases us to fear > mana burn , mana burn , mana burn
    Shaman that spams purges us and earth socks
    or druid that does full rotation of cyclones and feral charges

    we will still have to los all healers while they will just b able to stand next to us and do whatever they wish

    and dont mention unlimited mana because that got fixed

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    Re: Suggestion for beta forums

    Ret doesn't need an interrupt.

    All classes are different, some have several interrupts some have none but then have other abilities that the interrupt classes don't have.

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