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    hand of salvation in beta

    I´m not in the beta myself, but did anyone actually ever put HoS to good use at 80?
    on the ptr at least, threat was never an issue and it just collects dust in my actionbar, but maybe this changes in lich king raiding?

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    Re: hand of salvation in beta

    I'd imagine it's quite useful for threat-sensitive fights where certain classes (Warlockslol) get a string of crits and generate a little too much threat.

    For anyone actually in the beta (or on the PTR, for that matter, I'd test it myself but with 3.0 around the corner I don't want to download the client), does Hand of Salvation activate the Global Cooldown? I hope not, or it'll be a pain to use for anyone that's already got a full rotation from twisting ><

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    Re: hand of salvation in beta

    Just rely on your holy palas to do it, their rotation consists of hmm healing things with 1 key :>

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