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    WowAce becomes CurseForge (sorta)

    It is done. Get your new addon installation client at http://www.curse.com/client/

    Wrote a little about it here as well: http://nihilum.mousesports.com/en/ne...es_curseforge/

    Turned out alot better than expected.

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    Re: WowAce becomes CurseForge (sorta)

    Is a piece of crap... >

    You can only update 1 addon at the time. Updating all in 1 click is a premium feature! (premium cost money).

    The updater messed with my addons, replaced the most updated for others who is not the latest versions, updated SCT with SCTD package, etc...

    WoWus http://wowus.m6.net/download.php
    and WowMatrix http://www.wowmatrix.com are much better options than Curse Client...
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    Re: WowAce becomes CurseForge (sorta)

    WowMatrix is much better.

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    Re: WowAce becomes CurseForge (sorta)

    Tried y-day to download curse client, my anti virus popped up said is a trojan/worm w/e and blocked it.
    So be careful.

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