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    Re: You complained enough, and got it. Are you happy now shut up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunociva
    Ok so i couldnt help but register only to reply to this post. ALthough this is only my first post i check it almost daily and ih ave been thinking to my self. GOW THE F*UCK UP. i ve never seen so many grown A$$ B!tch so much in my life. And do you want to know what the funny thing is. ITS NOT THE PALLIES BITCHING THIS TIME, ITS EVERYONE ELSE. honestly, my point of view on the situation is 2 sided. Yes, pallies needed an AOE, No there Mana pool and regen was fine too. L2+INT L2BUYMANAPOTS. There are 4 pages , FOUR F*CKING PAGES of nothing but people bitching about pallies, again i say to you people grow the f*ck up and play the damn GAME, yes GAME. If you hate WoW so much go play warhammer or whatever else, warhammer is going to be fail anyways, go waste your once month allowance on something else thats not going to help you graduate, not gonna get you a better job, and for damn sure isnt going to get you a woman. THE END.
    You can only pot once ever boss fight dude! As it stands now every person in Sunwell chain pots at the start of a fight and does not stop. This is why healers are up in arms, and this in conjunction with an elimination of down ranking, makes it very important for healers to manage mana and manage the raid.

    Side note.

    It has been said that Holy light is what blizzard wants paladins to use as their primary heal, With the glyph is heals those around for some.

    My advise!

    All holy paladins

    Glyph Flash of Light, Glyph Holy Light, Glyph Seal of Light or Seal of Wisdom.

    I think that the big issue with holy is that they have move away from their bread and butter as crit healers.

    If you crit with the modified FoL or HL then it can have a nice effect. So 1) keep a glyphed seal up, wisdom or light, and judge when things get rough,

    With 10percent haste, a crit from holy shock, and the effect of lights grace can get Holy light pretty short in cast time,

    Then if you do not like the glyph of FoL then glyph of divinity would be good for mana issues.

    I mean LoH is now 16min CD for holy paladins with no loss of mana, does this not excite you? as a healer you got an oh shyt button for a tank, that resotes mana why not use it.

    Also wings boosts healing.

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    Re: You complained enough, and got it. Are you happy now shut up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Krekko

    Also I hate charcol drawings. Just to get it out there.
    After all those posts with well thought out comments this one comment just made me burst out laughing in a very full office :P

    On a side note Would love to see some better synergy at the bottom of the Holy tree but will wait and see what blizz do seeing as i can influence nothing they do in any way whatsoever by complaining...
    If hyperbole were food the internet would never go hungry...

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