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    Re: Divine Guardian usefull for Tanking?

    idk, im personally thinking of taking improved devotion aura purely for when a resto druid is not available. From what ive seen videos of, tankadins are just fine on threat not using ret aura, so dont really see why not taking improved devotion. 6% more healing to the raid is just godly. Reminds me of when i used to be 38/23 holy / ret not for shockadin, but just for the improved sanctity aura for bonus healing.
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    Re: Divine Guardian usefull for Tanking?

    If you payed any attention to the tree you would notice i took 4/5 to get to the next tier, when i am geared enough to start 10 man stuff i will likely dump it as it causes bosses to get more parries and thus more dps on you as i have dumped it in live. All that extra healing is meaningless if you are havint to slow dps all the time for threat problems, my ret aura on ptr is doing over 200 holy damage per hit, thats a whole lot of threat to make up for since most have to use everything possible to maintain threat from the top dpsers. I dont have a raiding guild to bring everything for me so i have to be ready as a stand alone tank. As a tank currently pugging za/gruuls/mags/ssc and tk I am doing pretty well. But yes if you had others Guaranteed to bring imp ret aura for you sure using devo would be nice untill then i have to depend on my own threat and my on spec to get me through. A good example of a use for divine guardian is the maiden fight where it is much nicer to have a tank who does not suffer badly through her silence be the mt and imagine not having a pally healer in the group as i have seen... Then you are perfect to absorb some of that damage for him and the other melee in her consecrate. I also often ofheal during the aran fight since my current dps is minimal howerver in 3.0 my dps is not a prob... I am sure you are right situational at best. But for the early goiings not a bad thing to have. If it turns up useless on ptr ther eis a good chance i will go with devo aura... Regardless EVERY tank will take Sacred duty just for the stam, aside form the fact it completely negates the attack speed penalty... I thought all current prot pallies knew this, i guess some just forgot how to read.

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