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    holy or retri in wotlk

    Im questioning myself which spec i should take when i hit 80. I really cant figure it out since i see that retribution is getting buffed alot but i want the spec where u need the most skillz for, focussed on 2v2. But the problem is that grinding stuff in holy Sucks alot.

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    Re: holy or retri in wotlk

    Level as Ret, spec Holy at 79-80.

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    Re: holy or retri in wotlk

    any reasons why holy and not retri?

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    Re: holy or retri in wotlk

    Retri will be pretty solid in pvp if it stays like it is now, so I'd go retri..

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    Re: holy or retri in wotlk

    Holy sucks totally in pvp. Atleast at 70, can't say about 80. No matter what I did on PTR with my holydin I always ended up dead before I could even do anything! Bubble? Yeah, right, it just gets dispelled...if you even have time to cast it when the mage blasts 3 instant cast pyros at you.
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    Re: holy or retri in wotlk

    If there's any debate, you should go holy.

    Leave the Ret to the diehards like it always has been.

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    Re: holy or retri in wotlk

    Cut your losses now and roll a druid? Theres still time...

    JK, do whatever you think is the most fun. I have no personal experience with pally past lvl 40, but the word around gchat is holy healing is the most boring thing ever, and ret is one of the funnest things ever, so take what you will from that.

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    Re: holy or retri in wotlk

    I leveled from 1-68 as prot. Ya i know but i didnt know better. I think switched to holy and have gotten to Hyjal and BT. I have now switched to Ret. I don't think i will ever go back. It takes me half the time to do dailies. I gank more then get ganked.

    I now longer have to do FoL FoL, HS, FoL, FoL, maybe a Holy Light and back to FoL.

    If you plan on instances grinding stay holy, you'll get tons of invites for healing. If you plan on quest grinding go RET for spend or stay holy and go slow.

    Bottom line as Basutai said play what style you like best.

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    Re: holy or retri in wotlk

    Quote Originally Posted by mtdew5309

    Bottom line as Basutai said play what style you like best.

    With the current kick in the balls that Holy got and the damage output that people are reporting there is no way you should go holy.

    Every paladin should level as prot or Ret.

    there are plenty of other healing classes to fill the rosters and if you truly cant find a healer look for a Ret with a healing set.

    I'm not joking.

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