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    Holy is my lover

    Ok, I made this post on the official World of Warcraft boards and for some unknown reason whenever I write a long post it get deleted, so that gets me a little steamed. Any who, these ideas are the talents everyone is still crying about, please forgive my manner as I was acting very foolishly earlier on today and in the past. Here we go!

    The first one I would like to talk about is Infusion of Light

    Infusion of Light
    Rank 0/2
    Your Holy Shock critical strikes fills you with the power of light, increasing spell power for y amount of time( cannot occur more than every 30 seconds)

    I think this would be a great way for holy paladins to bump their healing up, and if we could get some sort of baseline attack that is all spell damage, I remember someone talking about Holy Strike? Well anyway, this may or may not be a good idea or not, it just came to me so I wrote it down.

    The second one is the Sacred Cleansing

    Sacred Cleansing
    Rank 0/3
    Your cleanse spell has a 33/66/100% chance to hallow the soul of the target, making them immune for magic,poison, disease for y amount of time

    We could also tweak this spell so instead of one person it is a large are AE cleanse that you put one one person.

    The Judgment talents, I completely rethought these, the first of which is Enlightened Judgments, I renamed it Shining Faith

    Shining Faith
    Rank 0/2
    Increases how much mana you get by your Divine Plea by 4/8%

    I think this would make everyone happy, even with the healing reduction, your getting 8% more mana.

    and now the Judgments of the Pure, I renamed Hand of the Light

    Hand of the Light
    Rank 0/5
    When you crit, you gain hand of the light, it increases spell haste and spell power for x amount for y time, this has a 10/20/30/40/50% of happening.

    and here is the one people want changed, Bacon of Light, we can either leave it the same or change it into a AoE heal, I named it Lights Breath

    Lights Breath
    Rank 0/1
    The breath of the light enters the target healing them for over x amount for y time. And when the effect is dispelled or reaches the end of the duration, the target explodes in holy light healing all allies near the target for 10 yards.

    and I also thought of a new baseline heal

    The target is affected by the light of the sun, healing them for x amount for y time.

    now, if we went with Sunshine, we could keep Bacon in there, so now they Bacon is getting a steady stream of healing coming into him as well as single target heals.

    Ok anyway today I was thinking about these ideas, and I came to the conclusion, that if we did get that HoT like abilty and some other 51 talent point, we would sacrifice Flash. I dont see any other way to do it. Get rid of Flash, throw in those, and now you have HoT's and a big Heal. We cant have 2(really 3) huge single target heals if we want some HoT's.

    But I would like to thank Ghost Crawler for answering our posts and being a good kind person, and thank you for all the feedback we have received from you. Thanks

    I would like some constructive criticism please.

    no negative reviews please!
    Armour is no protection against the blessed tools of the righteous

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    Re: Holy is my lover

    Armour is no protection against the blessed tools of the righteous

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