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    Hybrid classes vs Pure

    Why should a Hybrid class have much higher burst damage and survivability over Pure Dps classes? Pure Dps classes like a rogue should have higher burst then a Ret Pally or Feral Druid due to pretty much no survivability and heals.

    PVP wise

    Top 3 classes on beta as of right now
    Ret Pally
    Feral Druid...believe it or not

    Worse Classes right now

    Locks and Rogues have no choice but dps. 3 specs of dps. What's the point of staying rogue or warlock if hybrids do your job and much more.

    Rogues have gone from one of the most feared classes to the LOL gib class.

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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    I just hope to wake up tomorrow to find that Blizz has reverted the changes to have pure dps classes do 30% more damage then hybrids.

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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    With the changes to the way raid buffs work, we are blurring the lines a lot more between "pure" dps classes and hybrids that have the potential to respec if their dps doesn't work out. But we don't penalize classes for having awesome buffs the way we used to.
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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    Quote Originally Posted by GDMANYAK

    P.S. PvP is more about skill good timing and experience then classes

    I almost fell out of bed laughing when I read this.

    Certain classes are more suited for PvP than others. Yes skill plays a part, along with group synergy, but so does class and spec. There is a reason why resto druids are so popular.....
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    Q. Any plans for an untalented spell to help warlocks deal with stuns?
    A. Possibly. It’s also possible we may take a look at stuns in general. But overall stuns will feel less impacting in an environment where players have significantly more health than they do today.

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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    Wow, its been a long time since I saw a post about "pure" classes vs "hybrids", I mean, nobody ever posts threads about this issue any more, it was incredibly original of you to make a post about it- thanks!


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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    Would the people that begin these nonsense topics please go back to their grass-filled meadows and prance around on their unicorns as rainbows and shooting stars light up the sky...

    How can we not be sarcastic in response to such absurdity?

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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    Quote Originally Posted by GDMANYAK
    I would be happy if blizzards will turn back raid synergy and stacking buffs\debuffs even it means that i will do 20% less damage then pure (I play Ele shamy and Retidin) but raid will need me 100% for my own buffs\debuffs.
    10 men raids sux - 25 men raids ftw!
    If not - Hybryds should do 100% of pure , cuz pure got all buffs taht hybryds had.

    P.S. PvP is more about skill good timing and experience then classes
    Your post...it burns my eyes...

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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    I recall old school pvp and as I recall a good player never lost vs. a class that there class could pawn. (And yes every class had one or two classes that it could kill no problem) Then of course there was the middle ground classes that if you were good you could kill. And of course your polar opposite which would usually kick your butt. Of course depending your skill level and the skill of the person playing the toon. But thats how I recall it. I think this whole (We want all talent spec to be viable for everything) in the end is going to hurt everyone. The way it looks to me people are going to be Hybrid talent spec'd. Which in my opinion sucks ass. My mains a fire/arc mage cause i'm old school like that and love being able to blow shit up. Granted I sucked at pvp but thats what my holy pally is for (yes yes i love healing pvp its so fun!). Honestly blizzard just needs to realize that theres always going to be a pvp and pve spec. Just like there pure and hybrid classes. Why the hell does blizzard think that someone that rolls a toon that has 3 tree's of dps... oh wait 2 dps trees of pve and one pvp dps spec... really doesn't want to be able to have that kind of damage anymore. Obviously there trying to share raid buffs / debuffs but thats kinda removing the uniqueness of each class. Which in the end i think thats going to do more damage then anything.

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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    The OP is right, its unfair for paladins to have good damage when they get on top of someone, and then stay on them, somehow, without a snare, or ms, or interrupt, with their buffs completely dispelled.
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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    most pure class can cc and dps better than any hybrids.

    tell me rogue mage vs shaman paladin of any spec which team will win? it will most likely 2v1 the whole time.

    If you asked for more burst for rogue, then rogue need to lose their stuns abilities fair??
    sorry but more high burst during stunlock is completely imbalanced.

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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    Honest to God, I say this from a multiple toon playstyle, not as a Hybrid, go level a God damn healer or something if you are unsatisfied with just dps. I can get a toon to 70 in a week and a half easily, even faster with recruit a friend. Saying a class should do less dps because they can heal or tank is just rediculous and childish.

    To the OP, that list is plain fail.

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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    Hmm, the full-scale war between Pures and Hybrids continues... ;D
    Soon, Blizzard should change Horde and Alliance for Pure and Hybrid factions

    Anyway, the opposite of pure is impure, not hybrid:P

    In PvP every class can be more or less viable with the proper partner(s). Thats true, even if you are ignoring it.
    Well, maybe some classes will have some advantages in the beginning, but it can still be rebalanced through further patches. And plz stop this Pure vs Hybrid bullshit, and try to be constructive. You can still tell the devs, what are you missing in your class, so plz do not flame against others.

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    Re: Hybrid classes vs Pure

    they who claimed to be "pure" classed often say if hybrid can do as much dps like me, why should I rolled a "pure" class? so do you like pvp? if yes you should roll a pure class, if you only play pve playing a hybrid is fine.

    now tell me would you bring a shaman/pally in your RMP team instead of rogue and mages?? that would be grossly retarded, gimping the team into oblivion.

    the fact is hybrids suck at pvp (exception resto druid), pure class rules pvp.

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