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    How to live stream a raid?

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on live streaming a raid. Im trying to determine the requisite software, and bandwidth requirements(both for the upload computer and an approx per user for the site streaming it). If I can get this going I plan to live stream a 25 man Naxx raid from start to finish, so people not fortunate enough to be in the beta, can get an idea what its like to actually be in there.

    If it turns out to not be possible for me to do it, Ill just fraps all the boss fights.
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    Re: How to live stream a raid?

    Upload it onto Youtube or Google Video is your best bet.

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    Re: How to live stream a raid?

    download a video capturing program, such as Softcam or something along that line. Download.com has it. but its only a 30day trial or somewhere around there. The go to Mogulus.com and make an account setup everything, and stream your video. Very Easy to setup.

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    Re: How to live stream a raid?

    Theres no link to "live" stream there. Uploading the video and letting people stream it is completely different.

    For some atucal feedback im not sure what sort of program would allow that. Your best to go to gotfrag and check the forums there.

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