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    Quote Originally Posted by Gribble
    With PTR/beta Ret, you can just keep judging her and let consecration and Divine Storm take out whelps.
    Or you could stand right under her and melee her normally lol.

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    Re: Just soloed Ony

    By the way most well geared healers can do this on live... she's a pussy.

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    Re: Just soloed Ony

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirrio
    Everyone with S3 + can do it solo... its not hard.. with skill maybe a s2 could also beat her.. so if you dont trust me, trust yourself and go kill her alone (btw it takes me 3 takes)
    It has absolutely nothing to do with gear lol. She hits for like 700 and sometimes does like 3k fire dmg (usually resisted). A ret paladin can solo EVERY mob in the game that doesnt hit for more than 1-1,5k / hit.

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