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    Inscription, do I learn everything at the trainer?

    Most professions have some recipes that you can get from factions.

    My question: do I need reputation at some BC factions to get certain inscription recipes?

    Or do I learn everything at the trainer?

    I'm not exalted yet at every BC faction and could use the days until the patch arrives to get that reputation if needed ...

    Didn't found anything about it in the wowhead database, but maybe I'm just stupid^^, so anyone knows?

    I can't really believe that you get every repices so easy at the trainer ...

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    Re: Inscription, do I learn everything at the trainer?

    im not in beta ,but on the ptr all the glyphs were available at the inscription trainer.

    I looked in the ah under recipies and found no tab for inscriptions,there is a whole tab to sell completed glyphs by class type but nowhere to buy them in a form that an inscriptor can learn them.

    I checked the quarter masters at a couple of factions and saw no inscription recipies available via TBC rep.this may change but I suspect that any inscriptions that are only available from rep will be from lichking factions.

    It just doesnt seem like they would add recipies from a profession that wasnt available in TBC to the TBC factions.I dont remember jewel crafters complaining about having to grind old world rep for recipies,but maybee i wasnt listneing close enough because I had no intention of picking up jewel crafting.

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    Re: Inscription, do I learn everything at the trainer?

    It's highly unlikely that you'd need to grind old world/tbc rep for for inscription.
    There may, however, be drops added in to some of the instances etc that you would need to go back and do. I expect it to be very much like Jewelcrafting in those aspects.

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    Re: Inscription, do I learn everything at the trainer?

    I remember just before the launch of TBC, alot of the vendors would sell some random JC patterns, nothing I dont think was over 225 skill but there certainly was some stuff. If the vendors dont start to sell Inscipt patterns then im guessing it will be 100% trainer learnt certainly upto 300 or something. Latest patch will reveal all....

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    Re: Inscription, do I learn everything at the trainer?

    Maybe some glyphs will be sold by low-level-areas vendors, but there will most probably be no glyphs requiring reputation with pre-WoTLK factions.

    Anyway, Glyphs seem to have no other source than the inscription profession for now, while they'll be used by all characters; therefore i'd assume they're planned to have a lively market and the widest possible availability. Thus maybe we won't see any glyphs with reputation requirements for WoTLK factions either.

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    Re: Inscription, do I learn everything at the trainer?

    If I m not mistaken theres something Called "Minor Inscription Research" or "Northredn Inscription Research", which you need materials for (and can only do once every 20h or so). This will most likely give you new glyphs just like the Discoveries did on Alchemy, just not so lukc based.

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