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    Arena Point-Reset coming?

    i was wondering if blizzard is going to reset arena points when patch 3.0 hits, any infos here?

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    Re: Arena Point-Reset coming?

    And why would they do that, when patch is deployed?

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    Re: Arena Point-Reset coming?

    just heard about it from a mate of mine

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    Re: Arena Point-Reset coming?

    No. Sorry I don't have the source, but the answer is no.

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    Re: Arena Point-Reset coming?

    Arena points is being reset when you exit your current bracket. Right now we're in the 70 bracket thus we'll all be at 0 points once we ding 71.

    They will on the other hand end season4 when the new patch is released.

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    Re: Arena Point-Reset coming?

    thx roobina!

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