View Poll Results: Is the shaman community overdoing it on the "QQ" posts?

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  • Yes.

    46 30.67%
  • A bit.

    35 23.33%
  • We could use more.

    8 5.33%
  • No.

    18 12.00%
  • It's not QQ! We have a right to rail the injustices of Blizzard!

    43 28.67%
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    Important Shaman Poll

    How tired is the shaman community of coming here to search through posts mostly containing "negative nancy" style feedback? A.K.A. the "QQ".

    Do you like the rants, think they are just arguments, or tired of trying to cipher through them to find logical feedback?

    Post your vote and thoughts here. Feel free to QQ as well.
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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    I'm tired of useless posts like this about QQing. Just stop please. Someone lock this and all other threads saying things like "OMG QQERS" and "QQING FTL".

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Tygroen
    I'm tired of useless posts like this about QQing. Just stop please. Someone lock this and all other threads saying things like "OMG QQERS" and "QQING FTL".
    I have to agree. Whenever someone posts anything negative about the current state of the shamans it's immediately labeled as QQ, and I dare to say that atleast 30-50 percent of posts following that one are those who whine about QQers!

    Of course it's pointless to just post threads saying "OMG WE GET NERF, ME STOP PLAY :'(", but there's also several ones that clearly state what exactly is wrong. Even if you don't have any suggestions as to how to fix something that's broken it's still good to point out what is there to fix.
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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    The poll is even-steven so far. With no votes for "we need more." Many people do write constructive posts about how to fix a problem or suggest new ways to improve the class. And some people *ahem* just feel the need to be intrusive and nonconstructive.

    FYI: you do not need to post to add a vote, so feel free to contribute anonymously.
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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Well the argument is usually over DPS. Half say our DPS sucks and the other half say its fine and to stop QQing. Problem is neither side show proof that either side is right. Sorry but words dont mean much anymore... especially since the shaman community has listened to Blizzards empty promises since TBC.
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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    ha 7 5 0 7 5
    I guess that averages to "we could use a bit more".

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Eh, I'd say a bit. I have a shaman just like the rest of you and i know it's annoying when they put through a change that really rapes a portion of our gameplay. But it is just beta, and I'm not going to start reaming blizzard ass until it's coming right up on wotlk time and we're still maintaining a terrible stature.

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    So saying the truth about a problem is QQing ? Wow.

    To me QQing was when they nerf something that people didn't like even the class was still alright after the nerf. Things seems to change.

    But it is just beta
    That statement is seen to many times. It is no longer "beta" as a lot of you tend to say. In less than 10 days, those changes will be live with the pre-patch. Then will be left 1 month before WotLK, so no, time is running out. There has been no changes to Elemental skills in the last month which is not a good sign.

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    I didn't use absolute terms. Not all problems issued via a post are QQ. Please re-read the original post for more clarification.
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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Problem is, any comment that is not gushing about how fabulous the class is, will be labeled as "qq-ing" by someone. Often, one may even say consistently, posts are called qq-ing, regardless of their nature, if for no other reason than the person responding doesn't like something they said.

    Certainly there are posts that deserve to fall into a category of "pointless complaining which says nothing to benefit the situation." People who claim they are quitting WoW or changing to another class for "X" reason fall into that category for me. I mean, seriously, why would they think anyone would care? Why do they even care enough to make the effort to post such a comment?

    But the vast majority of negativity in the forums are people lashing out at other posters. (What I call qqq-ers, [see sig])
    Too many posts are begun by one person mentioning something they don't like about a new change, and perhaps someone else posts an agreement, and they may have some valid points they wish to discuss; but on the first two pages of the post, people attacking these people in an often malicious manner will form the majority of the thread.

    If people followed two rules,
    1) Don't attack other posters, but rather debate their ideas. and
    2) If your post isn't adding something productive to the game, don't post it. (which even stating your own point of view on the impact a change would have on game play could be)then 98% of the negativity would disappear from the forums.

    (I realize I'm breaking rule #2 with this post, lol. But its a thread about forum behavior, whaddayagonnado?)

    Personally when I write a post, I hit the preview button, take a deep breath, and pretend that I'm talking to someone who is sitting right across a table from me. Then I remove from my post anything that might condescending or disrespectful, that might be attacking them as a person rather than something they said. I mean, seriously, if someone were having a discussion with someone else face to face, and they used language such as 'crying', or being a 'crybaby' or anything of the sort, how could they expect anything but an aggressive response?
    Using such hostile and insulting language at work or in any social setting would quickly make you a pariah, the person that sends everyone scurrying from the watercooler back to their desks rather than associate with them.
    Even with the anonymity of the internet, why would people WANT to behave like that?

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazerie
    Blizzard brought this upon them selves with the merging of stat.
    What a clear cut example of an post that is difficult to view as anything but negative, unproductive, and 'QQ-ing'. Rather than clarifying anything, this is merely an attack on blizzard. Saying "It's their fault" and leaving it at that, what's your point? Why even say it? Do you think a blizzard class designer will read it and go "Gee, you're right!" ?

    Given the purpose and content of this thread, it's leaves me shaking my head in confusion as to why you would post it here.

    Well, if nothing else you have provided a text-book example of what kind of post should be avoided.

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Most of the negative feedback is given in a un-objective way with little ability to understand the core part of what they are unhappy with. The only thing you can discern from these posts are that the poster is unhappy - and that the following bandwagon is equally or even more unhappy.

    Very little effort is put in by these posters - because most of what they are saying has already been said and even recognized officially.

    The few people who go in and objectively submit negative feedback mostly have their thread hyjacked by the unhappy bandwagon and trouted as proof that their negative posts hold weight when in actual fact these posts actually do not contribute much to the thread at all. If instead of posting these people were to objectievly add discussion points related to the main poster it would solidify the post rather then water it down.

    It would be too much to ask to refrain from posting unless you have something to add - but asking for objective posts rather then emotional posts would perhaps be something I would like some people to think about.

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Generally we feel outrage whenever we get nerfed and we hop on the QQ train to forumville. Still we feel this way because we've been getting nerfed/ignored for quite awhile and when they say things like "shaman dps is too high" we say LOLWUT?.

    that being said yes we overdue it a bit. when it comes to dotshocks and rants and mass QQ floods, we should know by now that only works for warlocks. ;D

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    "Yes" is winning. And justifiably so. The only class currently QQing more than shaman are paladins. And that is something I just don't understand. >.>

    Oh well, people will be people. Personally, I want to enjoy the game and forget about the current beta process, where classes are being tweaked at an almost hourly rate. To be heard, however, there must be some level of QQ -- or developers will not know where the community stands.

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Tal
    Problem is, any comment that is not gushing about how fabulous the class is, will be labeled as "qq-ing" by someone. Often, one may even say consistently, posts are called qq-ing, regardless of their nature, if for no other reason than the person responding doesn't like something they said.
    The poll isn't about posts labeled as QQ. I posted it under the assumption that we can all tell by post tone and content if it's a legitimate argument or an emotional outburst. You've done an excellent example in the remainder of your post outlining some rules that make the term clearer.

    As for the "labelers" themselves. It's up to each individual to decide whether or not the post worthy of the title "QQ"; the empirical evidence is usually there to make a good judgment. (insert witty pally comment here)
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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Moar votes pls. kk thnx.
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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Tygroen
    I'm tired of useless posts like this about QQing. Just stop please. Someone lock this and all other threads saying things like "OMG QQERS" and "QQING FTL".
    and then even if im tired of the same thing, im also tired of the ppl qqing about the ppl qqing about ppl qqing.

    then theres the ones tired of the ppl like me qqing about the ppl qqing about the qqing ppl whos qqing bla bla...
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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    QQ'ing about QQ'ers. Oh the irony

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Shaman are QQing alot much of it can be some what justified. Have Shaman been nerfed a lot, YES. Does Blizz need to fix / clarify some of the changes to shaman, YES. Is saying omg I quit WoW, you lose my 15 bucks a month a bit ridiculous, YES. Blizz needs to make enhance and elemental more equal with other dps classes, and add less gimmicks to the trees. Congrats on your 51 point elemental talent which is useful only in PvP, enhance grats on your hit nerf and on the fact Blizz cannot decide on how to implement maelstrom weapon.

    Feral druids have reasons to QQ, but are not as much. Blizz nerfed their utility to be cat or bear, but still left several talents which affect both, nerfed one of the best tanking talents in the feral tree to only affect cat form, and cut their armor contribution again even after dropping the armor contribution from feral itemizations.

    Paladin QQing on the other hand makes absolutely no sense however. They buffed prot so they no longer need to stack spell damage at all gave them the ability to use slow tank weapons for their new abilities to lessen their chances to get parried. Ret frankly is ridiculous now, perhaps the most OP class in the game atm. Holy can now do limited AoE healing and has chance on proc instant cast big heals. Pallies are crying when they are OP, when they get the incoming nerf what is going to happen then?

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    @ Thotor


    I'm just saying that the current state of the game is undergoing a lot of changes and I'm sure it's not quite as easy as changing one or two talent points to make up for it.

    Though, some of the changes are retarded as hell. That's what we're here for.


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