View Poll Results: Is the shaman community overdoing it on the "QQ" posts?

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  • Yes.

    46 30.67%
  • A bit.

    35 23.33%
  • We could use more.

    8 5.33%
  • No.

    18 12.00%
  • It's not QQ! We have a right to rail the injustices of Blizzard!

    43 28.67%
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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    I think people are missing the point of the post. The poll is in no way "QQing about QQ'ers", perhaps some of the posts are but what better place to localize them then here?

    The poll is a question aimed at the shaman community with very specific answers on what view point the voter holds. If any of my posts here or the poll is being taken as "QQing" that is not the point and perhaps the reader thinking so is wearing alternate reality goggles... I wear spacial displacement goggles myself. You know. The ones with the handy-dandy aluminum foil cap for neurological enhancement and Tivo installed.
    Trust the tale not the teller.

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    Everyone thinks they're class is broken... i thought about quitting my shaman after they broke enh about a week ago but then i searched around on the forums and saw that its not just us... in fact we lead the QQfest and specially the ELE and RESTOS for no good reason... resto is fine and a blue said it... so shut up
    if u wanna QQ go for it but they aren't listening... lawlz

    ELE is getting changed a bit but they're fine l2 80.

    As enh is concerned well... lets just say keep hoping... totems were changed but not much... still destroyable by a /spit emote lawlz and were more kite able than ever but when we get to yah XD heh fun times.

    People will QQ regardless of whats changed... it comes with the territory i guess...

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    Re: Important Shaman Poll

    QQ or whatever, but once again ele and enh are very far from best classes in pvp. And now things seem to be even worse than in BC.

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