View Poll Results: are you as pissed off as me about making every instance 10 ppl playable?

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  • Pretty pissed off yeah

    61 7.04%
  • Maybe only for a few bosses

    54 6.23%
  • I don't really care

    135 15.57%
  • It's great

    617 71.16%
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    Re: 10-man raids,like wtf

    the vote says it all!

    anyway the most repliers are no guildmasters.
    you simply dont know what you are talking about when you are against 10 men raids.

    each hardcore guildmaster raiding 5 days a week has no job, no real life friends and enjoys sorting drama for 30+ players while he is not raiding. there ofc will be the exceptions that reply and say "hey i am a guildmaster and killed kiljaeden and i have a life" <- lol.

    usualy people get payed for the same work guildmasters do in real life so the sad part here are the wannabe hardcore raiders that are just going with the flow and join organized,progressive guilds that base their success on people that sacrifice with real life for it.

    10 men raiding is and can be hard,entertaining,challenging and rewarding.

    the only difference is that you are not depending on the "fillers" in a core guild of 15 players~. the 10 retards that you need to fill up are a pain in the arse for 25 raids. on the other hand though you can even get 10 real life friends together to play in a team for 10 men raids ( not often but its possible).

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    Re: 10-man raids,like wtf

    I think it's like... why the fuck do you really care about?

    If you are a 25 man raiding guild... weee fine, raid 25 mans.
    You want ZA/Kara feeling? oh well, 10 mans.

    gear differences are present between 10 mans and 25 mans. but they are not that huge like t4 vs t5.

    it's more like...

    .....T 7.....t 8.....t 9.....
    so... 1 represents 10 man gear, 2 represents 25 man gear - so 10 man gear is abit below the old "fixed gear level" of a Tier set, 25 man gear is a bet above that "fixed gear level", and the actual gear level itself is not present at all.. I hope you see how I mean that. so the differences between 10 man t7, 25 man t7, 10 man t8 and so on are on a smooth transition... better for progress raids, eh

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    Re: 10-man raids,like wtf

    I think its good change so now EVERYONE whit out any excuses have acces to the content and may experience all the "lore" But in same time leaving the posibility to get beter and go in 25 raids that should be harder to get trough... I think its good change so small guilds can raid other than 2 of the 8

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    Re: 10-man raids,like wtf

    I quite like it. I don't have 24 ingame friends i want to raid with, but 9 are easily found.
    Gilneas EU - Germany, so I don't have to be perfect in English ;D

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    Re: 10-man raids,like wtf

    I say WoW needs 72 man raids like EQ used to have.

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    Re: 10-man raids,like wtf

    Raiding has always been the preserve of elitists who had the time and, more importantly, connections to get into a raid guild. Lost your internet connection for a month? Tough luck you're too far behind and /gkicked. Only just started playing/hit top level? Too late you've missed the boat: we're all in BWL/SSC now, GL catching up solo. Rolled an oversubscribed class? Tough luck all the raid guilds don't need you. GL getting to see end game content now.

    See how these obstacles have nothing to do with your skill?

    With Gruul being the 25man step after kara no matter how good you and your 9 friends were you were barred from progressing. At least now not having organised a massive guild won't stop you from playing your role well, and you can make progess in 10 man when 25 man raiding isn't available to you and then switch to 25man, albeit at a slightly lower level than you were in 10 man, if the option becomes available.
    Have they fixed hunter pets yet? Didn't think so...

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    Re: 10-man raids,like wtf

    I like the idea of 10-man raids.

    I will still prefer 25-man, but if I'm bored and we are 10 online in guild, it's better than just doing a heroic or something.

    The loot is better for 25-man raids, and the battle should be more interesting, so meh.

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    Re: 10-man raids,like wtf

    It would be wonderful if my guild had 25 "core" people geared enough to start 25 man raids at the beginning but where will this gear come from......10 man versions. Now I don't think I will spend much time in the 10 man version of naxx....we will get ourselves geared and move into 25 man raids. Does that mean we will never set foot in the 10 man but we will probably treat them like badge runs (or whatever the level 80 equivelent will be).

    So yes, I am very fond of getting to choose if I want 10 man or 25 man.

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