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    WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    Well ive been looking over the talent trees thinking of good ideas for PVP, this one jumped out at me but I would like to see other ideas, preferably state for which bracket


    Twin Disc and Unbreakable will can be switched so can Silent Resolve and Imp Inner Fire depending on preference

    I know with resilience crit is somewhat wasted and this spec allows for survivability by using desperate prayer then throwing a renew/pom on yourself as well as -10% spell damage taken

    CONSTRUCTIVE critism only please

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    aye i like the survivability from that spec, not sure how effective it will be in 2s with a UA/SL lock or 3s with shammy/ualock as the lock will probs get focused so is it worth it getting that surviabilty over mana regen and the +25% crit chance on shadow word death? so if you play a setup where you will get focused then its very good (although maybe 5 points in reduction on stun/fear instead of +5% damage from instants?)
    s4 gladiator - 2v2(lock/dodo) and 3v3(shadowplay)
    s5 gladiator - 2v2 (disc/rogue) and 3v3(rmp)
    s6 gladiator - 2v2 (disc/hunter) INCOMING!!

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    Setup dependant I guess.

    Personally, I'd like Improved Mana Burn, so I would limit the Holy part to Healing Focus.

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    I think not having the 200% crit modifyer is a mistake, burst will still be important - regardless of resillience.

    Pain and suffering? Far from convinced it is worthwhile in PvP.

    I might be tempted by only 2/3 in shadow weaving to be honest. Depending on how long the encounter goes they will stack up eventually - but I assume they can be dispelled making them weak?

    really struggling to find points to put in shadow power. But seems like all or nothing is the only way.

    Life without imp mana burn is bad. You will spend too much time being LoS'ed whilst casting it (heck - happens to me with 1.5 sec cast).

    I end up here - but not convinced: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...12105152321251

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    Khedlar: 5% damage is nice for that extra guaranteed damage, but 5/5 Unbreakable will is definatly another good idea.

    Ntrails: For 2s while crit is still more burst, I think the added survivability outweights the very small crit chance after resilience and would prefer to stack base damage from spell power.
    3/3 Shadow is nice to be able to get the full 5 stack asap to do max damage.
    If im forced to mana burn in 2s the match is almost always lost, this spec was designed for 2s, which I think its perfect

    I typically run with a rogue

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    When you look at how spriest dps has caught up with a lot of the other dps classes for PvE I can't help but think what ramifications that's going to have in PvP. All of a sudden we're going to be doing signficantly more damage and we always had a decent ability to burst with MB & SW cast in quick succession.

    With that in mind I think our burst capability will be very strong, not to mention that we can now crit for 100% more damage (if talented). Even with resilience I think MB & SW crits are going to be worthwhile and with this in mind I really favour the following spec.


    I'd suggest partnering with a Frost Mage or Rogue could see you do some serious damage if you focus fire well. Add in silence, fear, stuns, kick, blind, deep freeze, counterspell (whatever combo u go for) and you can lock out heals for a long long time.

    I for one think partnering with a frost mage looks particularly tasty.

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    Isn't Veiled Shadows + Imp Shadowform something that any arena shadowpriest will want?

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    I tested Shadow today on Beta(PVP), we are just mobs for everyone in Battlegrounds. In arena it is a bit better, but I can't think of really good combinations since we have no synergy with any other class. Maybe rogue would be good, tried it out a bit, but finally the rogue is mostly responsible for the win not you espacially since they got just simply OP in PVP. They could even run a 2v1 game without losing ...

    But back to topic, I tried out this one: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...12105152321251

    Maybe I should remind you how the pvp sets are working. You have 2 possibilities. The first one is taking up the crit set, going for a uke strategy, but you got 0 manareg, and if your target doesn't die, hm^^, unlucky :P

    Second one, which I preferred is taking the heal set, and the haste battleground gear. That allows you to have a lot of spellpower, good manareg and a lot of haste, which is quite useful considering that it is the only stat which is not affectet directly by resilence !

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    I almost never mana burn in 2s, its really a waste to go so deep, and yes if we dont kill the target quickly things become more difficult but I have several attempts at bursting, if I cant get them before im OOM im fucking up and need to play better is all.

    Due to the fact Mind Flay can crit now (probably bigger than I gave it credit for), I would also consider this spec, but if I was to partner with a Mage I think I would go for the added survivability spec I linked initially.


    That spec focuses on damage, and if your defence is your offense, I think it just might work I really do love Shadow Priests lol

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    Quote Originally Posted by hannibaal
    Isn't Veiled Shadows + Imp Shadowform something that any arena shadowpriest will want?

    Couldnt imagine PVP without it, its a free trinket as far as movement goes, many times ive trinketed hamstring to get a fear off on a druid, often a game winner.

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    Re: WoWLK Shadow Arena Specs

    Imp shadow form only works on snares, its like a pallies blessing of freedom. It is useless against cc's like poly, blind, cheapshot, kidney punch etc.

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