??? reading through all these QQ-posts "og we got nerfed again" "omg we suck so bad", but looking also on other posts which show the nice things i really got confused what i have to think now. im not a beta tester, so i cant tell anything stable and/or for sure, so i just ask you pvp-facemelters somewhere out there:

what can i expect with wrath of the lich king? did we become better or worse as in burning crusade? is it fun for you to play? is disperion really a lackluster as qq'ed about so much? does blizzard really ignore us? -

or are the people just exaggerating? :P

i ask you for summary because i really dont know what to think about...

maybe you can add also your experiences with the gear you wear (if the crit- or the spirit set is better). :-*

i hope this thread will help other disorientated prest-fellows too, so i ask you not to post any senseless things in here, just constructive and objective. agreed?