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    PvE Utility healer


    this is the spec i am thinking of going to replace the old Utility Healer spec. first off if Surge of Light 2/2 (holy) & Spirital Guidence (holy) swapped tiers then i would drop Barrowed Time 2/5 for Surge of Light 2/2... but i dont think that Surge of Light and Spirital Guidence will be swapped.

    i am going with focus on spell power > crit / int > mana regen / spt. i was told there will be crit gear for this spec but i dont know if the crit gear will have heavy spirit or MP5.

    For a level 70 character:
    * Every class except Warlocks uses: (Intellect/80) + (Spell Critical Strike Rating/22.08) + Class Specific Constant
    * Warlocks use : (Intellect/82) + (Spell Critical Strike Rating/22.08) + Class Specific Constant
    * Class Specific Constants:
    o Druid - 1.85
    o Hunter - 3.6
    o Mage - 0.91
    o Paladin - 3.336
    o Priest - 1.24
    o Shaman - 2.2
    o Warlock - 1.701
    o Rogues and Warriors have a spell critical strike chance of 0% no matter what their Intellect is. However, the Warrior ability Thunder Clap uses Spell Critical Strike Rating to determine the chance to crit. Rogue poisons use this and Spell Damage as well.

    personally i think Priest's Constant to Crit is way to low, among healers it is the lowest. Priest have cloth but they have the lower variables among healers. personally i believe priest should have the basic healing spells with utilities from each classes, since they wear cloth.

    Changes to spells
    Lesser Heal
    Binding Heal

    what are theses spells good for 90% of the time no one uses theses. replace these for abilities like

    druid's Natures Swiftness = Priest can call it "Divine Swiftness" synonym for "god speed" expression

    change Desperate Prayer from caster only to friendly target... similiar to paladin's Lay on hand with out the mana to the target...

    this way priest have utility to their basic healing spells ability to make there next spell either mana free or cast time free but not both together.

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    wow i am the 100th viewer and still no one is posting... no comments on this spec or functional use? maybe comments on the recommended talent swapping?

    if you say just spec holy with out any thought out comments i will over look it as noobish gibberish ignorant rant...

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    seems like no one plays holy on beta here and the holy priests just assuming things...

    i donno what to say about the spl crit numbers. tbh i don't care much about crit playing a 80 holy priest on beta now (yes i droped discipline completely), having no issues with crit relate i can "complain"about.

    here is a suggestion - create a premade char and try it out and then tell us what you think.

    i can say: i'm pretty happy from most of the talents and the general things. my suggestion are posted Via US forums on suggestion thread, or threw suggestion in the beta version. yet i can say i'm pretty happy with it. (not 100% i'd say 70% happy)

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    Really depends if you want to be a MT healer or a RAID healer or if you do PvP
    I like (so does a raid) to have the Spirit(+80 Spell) and Sta(+30%) buffs
    they benefit loads of people. and since we are always gonna be outhealed by Pala´s and Druids (hint to Blizz)
    We might aswell bring something to the raid others cant

    I´m thinking a build like this

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    It's probably because everyone is still banging their heads against a wall of their choice, because the op seems to think binding heal needs a change.

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    personally i like Prayers of Mending & Spirit of Redemption. as a PvE healer i didnt want to pass these up so i tried to work in it... with the help of some +crit i think this will be a very useful build.

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    I am building
    (on the PTR) into this direction:

    My intention is, getting a constant 5% spellhaste is nicer than only once after shielding someone, and making Greater Heal cost less mana and getting mana back each time a heal is a very nice mana battery effect no one else has. (I am getting 200-220 mana back after each Heal on the PTR, so my greater heal actually cost me about 620 mana, and with 15% less mana cost actually something near the Flash Heal, about 520 mana).

    Also useful is Pennance, putting full Grace on the target in 2 seconds, healing now 4,5 upwards.
    After getting help from Druids or Shamans, i got somewhat about 13% crit and with Renewed Hope actually 17%. Healing then you get nice crits shielding you target with Divine Aegis (also anyone else dont having such feature ).

    With this build, you can spend some more point here and leaving some feature out (of course, with the glyph healing 6% life with dispelling is very nice), so its on you getting stronger shield and more haste after, or getting more speed at all (on PTR i am putting heals in about 2.2 sec respectively 1.3 sec with 5% spellhaste totem).

    But a deep holy actually heals about 10% more of the amount that i can.

    Now, getting to be the support for the group and seeing the support healing from classic getting the main healers, i am thinking to reroll on druid... Some litte bit disappointed with this situation, also with the survivability of a cloth-wearing class and the worst mana efficiency per heal of all healers... With the new talents you can heal longer, but never reach any paladin or druid in amount healed. Actually, shamans pushing their Healing Wave with 18% and getting Purification and Hex are getting a better support than any priest can reach. Just my opinion, but i will see how it works at level 80. Dont forgetting that Shamans, Druids and Paladins all crit more than any Priest can (now, and i am sure also later ).

    And until then, i have to roll against any mage and warlock in any normal or heroic instance in WOTLK to get gear. Nice, i promise no one will understand this, because you are healer and stuck to spirit. So it may be a long way to get some good gear, if you wish spec this way.

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    Discipline is awesome in PVP, but since yesterday I found it it's also not bad at all for PVE.


    Would be my build.

    Penance is now a really good spell, stacking up grace with low manacosts, it's really woth testing, and in addition it's an instant heal in PVP

    And 5% default spell haste is also really useful. The global healoutput is mostly ok. Don't forget that you have a good manareg and a big manapool with the talents...

    I'll testing heal now, and try to compare afterwards...

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic018
    Discipline is awesome in PVP, but since yesterday I found it it's also not bad at all for PVE.


    Would be my build.
    What about

    Higher critrate after shielding (for 15 seconds) and less spellhaste (for one spell)?

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    Quote Originally Posted by Eloro
    Deep Holy without CoH...instant fail. If you want to only tank heal go deep disc.

    To the OP, you need either penance or the bottom half of the holy tree (spiritual/empowered healing), currently you bring nothing much more than a pure disc priest and you don't have greater heal for the price of a flash heal aka penance.
    I have Tank-healed for 1,5 years and tried different builds, CoH is one of those few talents I find
    pretty useless in PVE healing at least not worth 40 points.

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    Re: PvE Utility healer

    Quote Originally Posted by Ada
    I have Tank-healed for 1,5 years and tried different builds, CoH is one of those few talents I find
    pretty useless in PVE healing at least not worth 40 points.
    If you use a holy Priest for nothing but tank healing you fail anyway....

    Right now CoH stands right beside greater healing for high end content. Do you think Greater heal would be "useless" as well, if you preferr raid healing?!

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