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    Recount on PTR

    Does anyone know how to get recount or any other addon at that to work on the ptr. Normally it works if they are in my interface addon folder that's in the WoWtest folder but its not working. So please help!

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    Re: Recount on PTR

    Are you using a version that is compatible with the 3.0 patch changes? You could try this version here:

    That should be compatible with the 3.0 changes, but you'll probably need to enable the "load out of date addons" button for it.

    Failing that, maybe you can find an alternative/replacement among the many beta/ptr compatible mods here:

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    Re: Recount on PTR

    Thank you for your suggestions but I'm not so sure that its because anything is out of date (however its very possible that it is out of date). When i go to my character scree i don't even see the option where it has the addon button at the lower left corner of the screen. This made me wonder if something was wrong with my addon folder or something along those lines.

    I did try the link but there was no luck, my problem remains. I may try the other link but like i said i'm not sure if the addon is the actual problem.

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    Re: Recount on PTR

    Sounds more like you didn't "install" those addons correctly. Make sure the folder structure is the same as for your normal WoW.
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