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    Shaman Talent Trees [Created]

    So I was on WOTLK Wiki and I came across this talent tree.


    I'm not sure about the rest, but I think the riptide change is REALLY cool in there. Thoughts?

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    Re: Shaman Talent Trees [Created]

    Stormstrike is too early in the tree. I'm all for good strongy shammies but I don't want to see a ele shammy strom strikeing me and then useing a lighting bolt spam on me.

    As if shammies werent strong in pvp enough.
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    Re: Shaman Talent Trees [Created]

    Quote Originally Posted by Stubbÿman

    As if shammies werent strong in pvp enough.

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    Re: Shaman Talent Trees [Created]

    Aside from generally not liking the tree, there are many technical issues I found with it.

    Rule number one in trees: They must have at least 10 talents in the bottom tree.

    Rule number two in trees: Every single tier must have at least 5 talents after the top tier.

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    Re: Shaman Talent Trees [Created]

    Improper talent icons... *twitches*

    I really can't stand that lol. Didn't much check the tree. It actually bugs me THAT much.

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    Re: Shaman Talent Trees [Created]

    I figured lol. I'm just a neat freak. The build in my sig is evidence of that.


    I felt like going into more detail about how obsessive I can get with talents and icons. lol

    In the link, every tree has it's own "Will of the..." and have different effects for each one. Note that the full names are in sync with the tree.

    "Will of the Defender" ect.

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