I was thinking.. and i know i've said it before here..What better way to calm down shaman about PvP viability then to say "Well we know we gave Enhance/Elemental a few nice things for PvP but we're really aiming for *Blank Spec* to be more of the shaman PvP spec and *blank Spec* to be better suited for PvE."

The only issue would be too pick which dps spec is better suited to become a more PvP type spec, and after choosing it dealing with the initial QQ flood of "Why did you make my spec the damn PvP spec!?"

In my honest opinion (and bias i guess..) would be that Enhance become more PvE oriented and give up the PvP gimmicks to focus on nice and balanced dps. I say that mostly cause i feel at the moment Raiders tend to go safely with the ranged dps classes and will usually mock anything that isn't a Rogue.

The opposite goes for elemental and PvP in which Melee seems to prevail over casters so to help bring casters as a whole together in PvP and boost numbers, Blizz gives slightly more focus on PvP type abilities.

keep in mind that doesn't mean completely destroying the other aspect of the game for either spec just making it so there's no excuses going into a BG as Enhance and getting stomped.

Oh yeah.. and like the title says could anyone possibly with access to the beta forum suggest something like this to the Devs?