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    3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    So last night i ran a few heroics with the following PuG set up
    2x Paladin (Prot (Me) / 1x Ret), Priest (Healing), Warlock (Demo), Mage (Frost)
    we ran SP / UB and MgT in about 20-30min each max, just chain pulling with no one in the group hardly needing to drink bosses going down within about 30 seconds, personaly i like a challenge and hope there not that easy on live when it hits does anyone else think there easy? or was it just a lucky PuG group?

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    and what level is your gear at?
    Lag - Network related. High server response time, stop downloading.
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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    Afaik they are downtuned for easier testing.

    They'll be tuned in difficulty for live.

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    Gear leave was me T6 rest was about Kara / Early 25man stuff

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    i also have a prot pally and i find none of those instances that hard, mgt can be a pain if you have a bad healer but i dont see much off from live servers on sp and ub, mgt might take a little longer on live atm but eh

    who cares if they are ez, they are heroics, that will be forgotten in a month

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    errr.. level 70 heroics? lol

    Sorry mate, we steamrolled them for 8 months now. I thought you were on about the level 80 beta server heroics.

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    ya I thought you were talking about beta heroics...
    BC heroics are and have been easy

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    2-manned OHB last night and 3-manned BM on PTR. No healer.

    Not the heroic though.... still, I felt powerful haha.

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    on live still depends on the group for me, running with my guild yes no problems and run though them easy.
    with pug and most people still in kara or very early 25man stuff like the PTR group then it goes lot slower

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    whats so hard on MGT heroic runs in 20-30 min? I'm doing these on live with 2 mages, 1 ele shaman, 1 Prot pally and 1 Holy priest.

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    How about doing it without CC, and with a warrior tank? ;-)

    If you use CC then you're cheating!

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    try doing heroic MGT with prot warrior, resto shaman, enh shaman, destro lock, marks hunter.

    it's a fun exercise.

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    How can you do MgT heroic in 20 minutes and use CC at the same time, Sithlord?

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    Um ofcourse Heroics are going to be easy you are using Lv 80 skills on lv 70 mobs the idea is that the new dungeons and Heroics at 80 will be on par to what a lv 70 Heroic was before all these changes. Everyone is going to feel very overpowered for the next month but when Wotlk comes out and you start to fight lv 71,72...ect mobs things will be harder to kill in wotlk. I don't know if you remember the changes before BC but it was the same way. I suggest have fun while it lasts when wotlk comes out there will be no use for lv 70 Heroics unless you want to gear an alt or DK.

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    70 heroics are easy ya, and using cc is just a waste of time, i've run all of them in like 30-40 min with my friends around kara+gruul gear. If you know whats going to happen there are no probs.

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    Re: 3.0 Heroics, Easy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sithlord87m
    whats so hard on MGT heroic runs in 20-30 min? I'm doing these on live with 2 mages, 1 ele shaman, 1 Prot pally and 1 Holy priest.
    Um because you have two mages?

    Perhaps because all of the toons had good gear and were there before?

    I have run fast heroic mgt runs, and slow ones....the difference was the gear of the rest of the party, and the experience of the players.

    While some heroics are easiER than others, none are easy for starting 70s.
    Dont forget the other side of the equation: the toons...the instances are static, the toons change.

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