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    Any JCing beta testers

    Could anyone confirm a wording about the new BoP gems.

    Dragon's Eye all say Unique Equipped: Prismatic Gems (3)

    I'm assuming that means I can have any 3 of them in my armor at the same time. My question is: Can I have 3 of the same one (namely stamina) in my armor. I'd like to think im reading it correctly there, but just wondered if someone could give me definite confirmation.
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    Re: Any JCing beta testers

    They work the same as current vender epic gems, only 3 on you "socketed" at any 1 time.

    For example you can have.. 5 of the gems, in 5 differencet peices of armor, but you can only wear31 of those 5 peices of armor at any 1 time.

    Solid Dragon's Eye
    Binds when picked up
    Unique Equipped: Prismatic Gems (3)
    +41 Stamina
    Requires Jewelcrafting (375)
    "Jewelers Gem: Matches any Socket. Maxiumum of 3 Jeweler's Gems socketed in your equipment"

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