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    How many nature immune mobs/bosses in northrend?

    Just thought about that today killing some elementals.. is there alot of nature immune mobs and bosses even in northrend?

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    Re: How many nature immune mobs/bosses in northrend?

    For the 5 levels I've played in Northrend as a Mutilate rogue, the only mob that gave me some problems (nature-immunity-wise) were the elites at Giant's Run. Haven't seen anything else with nature-immunity during that time.
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    Re: How many nature immune mobs/bosses in northrend?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazerie
    Lava burst flame shock frost shock...your fine
    you realize that flame shock is a dot and on a 6 second cooldown, and lavaburst is on an 8 second cooldown right?

    original poster: i haven' come across any nature immune mobs besides the usual suspects, like elementals.

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