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    Hello guys! Im a retri paladin, leveling my Bs, becuase i read that Bs-ers can add extra sockets in WOTLK.

    Here is my problem, i hope you can help me.

    I cant decide between armorsmith and weaponsmith, coz i dont have enough information. Only armorsmiths can add extra sockets or weaponsmiths too? Weaponsmiths can do socket into 1handed only or into 2handed weapon as well? I think weaponsmith for a retripaladin would be better, but if only armorsmith can do extra sockets, i will do armorsmith. Can u change your choesen specialisation later, if it turns out that other benefits you more? Pls help me in this thread, because im stuck on Bs level 260 now, because of this.

    Thank you

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    Re: Blacksmithing

    You can level your BS to 375 without choosing a specialization.
    Since you are going to be dps I'd say you should take weaponsmith.
    I'm sure that if weaponsmiths get sockets for 1handers then they'll get sockets for 2handers aswell.

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