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    Re: *Suggestion Enhancement*

    Your biggest mistake here is that your'e going for DPS, while I specifically mentioned that this is a spec I'd use to grind to 80, not raid.
    Quote Originally Posted by Levva
    Agreed Imp.SS now they removed fire and frost dmg is a bit weak as yes its difficult to do 4 lots of nature damage in 8 seconds. Your talent build ignores Static Shock, that suggests you are unaware its currently doing 150 dps for 3 talent points? This is far better than where you have put those points in Convection.
    This could be open for discussion, but I dislike static shock for the amount of bloat talents that have to be taken to make it worth while (improved shields as well as the talent itself). Keep in mind this is a grinding spec, and by that I don't mean "uber dps" but "less downtime".

    Quote Originally Posted by Levva
    You are also over budget in Ancestral Knowledge its a weak talent and 3 points is max anyone should be putting in we won't be gearing for int, and the dps boost from this is very low compared with other talents. Two from AK into Static Shock gives a massive dps boost.
    AK is a straight up AP boost, and mana pool boost, and spell crit boost. If the above was changed, there's no reason to fill it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Levva
    Static shock is a straight 3 points where did you get 6 from? And whats that about you needing a glyph for it? Its a solid talent giving 50 dps per point well worth taking. Base your comments on real tested data rather than your feelings please. A two minute fight is far far too short to give any meaningful data. Those that have done 1hr fights have settled on the precisely calculated figure of 50 dps.
    You really need improved shields and imp SS if you're going to put points into static shock. Thats 8 points. Static shocks problem is that it has really poor synergy with elemental in that it doesn't crit, has an absurdly low proc rate, and only does decent damage with stormstrike. I don't know about other shaman, but I don't mash stormstrike whenever it's up. I time for when WF isn't on a CD. It's all too high on the micromanagement list for a grinding spec where you're going to be hopping from monster to monster every 10 seconds. Imp SS is most definitely not good for that. Static shock may be, but I'd rather have what I'd be losing instead *for grinding*.

    I feel the need to say it again, since it was completly ignored the first time. This is a grinding / leveling spec. . You're right, a 2 minute fight is too short. Passives trump anything with a cooldown when you're spending less than 10 seconds on a kill. Additionally, the talents were chosen to prevent downtime. I'm not speaking from uneducated opinion, I've been in the beta for almost two months now, testing enhancement and elemental heavily.

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    Re: *Suggestion Enhancement*

    Quote Originally Posted by Levva
    Yup, lots of need for more comment. If you take talents at face value without bothering to understand their interaction theres lots of things that sound good, then when you do the maths you find they suck.

    This is an excellent talent, but it doesn't make Int a valuable stat to Enh Shamans, certainly not above reaching spell hit cap, expertise cap, crit rating, attack power and agility. Do the maths don't just look at the shiny tooltip.

    And yes at lvl 80 we will have more Int than we do now, but we have done the maths and its STILL not a stat to aim for at the expense of other far better stats.
    Int trumps straight up AP across the board, and IMO, is more valuable than agi, in that it provides mana, AP, spell crit. where as agi, provides AP and crit, and some armor boosting, which is pretty much useless in pve.

    That's just for argument sakes, I will say this, there's no way in hell I'm gemming for agi OR int. We're going to have our hands full with hit crit and haste. All of our gear has more than enough AP stats on it to get plenty of AP. Our synergy lies within crit and hit. Take it and run.

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    Re: *Suggestion Enhancement*

    Quote Originally Posted by topfer
    Int trumps straight up AP across the board, and IMO, is more valuable than agi, in that it provides mana, AP, spell crit. where as agi, provides AP and crit, and some armor boosting, which is pretty much useless in pve.
    I take your point about grinding spec. I disagree that you need 3 Imp.Shields if you are taking static shock, as there are far better talents. Imp.SS for leveling - meh - you have a point about the speed of mob kills there so I can fully appreciate your argument here.

    The current EP value sim calculator which is giving results matching in game values, is showing AGI with an EP value of 1.59 but Int only with 1.24 so that values AGI as 28.2% better than Int with the current setup. Your own personal values will of course vary depending on your current gear. However its straightforward to run the sim enter your gear numbers and it will churn out your personal EP values.

    I'm currently working on making a version of the sim GUI that will read your Armory profile and so it will be a case of run the sim select your raid makeup so it can work out your buffs, and select things like your potions, drums etc you use and click go. Having seen the new MMO-Champion RaidComp website I think it would be cool to link to those builds too.
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