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    Herbing for XPAC

    One simple question.. Are the HERBS we use today for flasks/elixirs/pots ie. Relentless Assault/Major agil and on and on are they going to be worth buying up now at cheap prices in the AH for the xpac??

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    Re: Herbing for XPAC

    If u r taking up inscription or going to re-sale them i would but if not dont waste ur gold.

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    Re: Herbing for XPAC

    there are new herbs
    and i havent seen any outland herbs in northrend as far as i remember when i leveled to 80

    I would really recomend for any alchemists out there to stock up on the reagents needed to make your Orange difficulty pots
    so when you learn max 450 skill level you can instantly just knock up some pots and reduce your dependance on goldclover (the only herb you will find in the first zone)

    personally the pot im going to make will be ironshield potions and alot of them! seeing as primal earth are cheap as dirt

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