So first off i would like to say hello. I have sadly been checking mmo-champion for over a year now every night. I say sadly because i am compulsive about checking the main page. If i don't check it, I have to get out of bed and know if anything is changing =)

I am sorry if this has been answered its 1:57 in the morning and i got work at 8:30 with a 45 minute drive so im not very patient with search at the moment. I had loved using the compilation that had supplied it was a nice array of numerous addons that after spending the right time changing and removing you had a great set of addons. Now it seems for about 3 weeks now the site has been shut down. Is there any users on this forum that have previously used it and know the typical mod layout? I am looking to find a similar mod compilation. If it wasn't so late i would gladly post everything they had in the package and take suggestions from that.

If no one knows of anything close i will spend the time tomorrow to write out the core addons that i had used to see if anyone can suggest anything close to that. Thanks a ton for your help.

Also why i never signed up before i haven't a clue. You would think someone would actively reads something would sign up >.<