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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    The glyph shaves off 20 seconds from the BW cooldown, but it's applied before Longevity.

    Glyph only: 100-second cooldown
    Longevity only: 84-second cooldown
    Glyph + Longevity: 70-second cooldown

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    Quote Originally Posted by Koumaru
    So right now I'm thinking 51 BM from 70 to 79 and a respec to 50/21 at 80. Sound like a plan?

    Because 40/21 and 13 pet talent points at level 70 looks like failspec material...
    For fast, easy leveling 51 BM is HOT, your Tenacity Pet can tank anything under the sun for quests and 5 Man dungeon's. I solo'd every single Elite/Group quest from Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Grizzly Hills, Zul'Drak, the Basin and the ones I did in Storm Peaks and Icecrown so far. Tank pets can also tank things like the chain quests "Pit of Conquest" and "Amphitheater of Anguish" as well, easily healed.

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    I would agree 70-79 I would go 51 in BM, and by then we will know if they nerf Readiness and BM. They said also they are going to nerf the cats so we will have to see, it will be interesting though.

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    Yup, like I said, with a 68 (not 70) gorilla on the PTR, I was able to solo elites I could previously only solo on my feral druid.

    So then, unless Blizzard makes any dramatic changes by that time (i.e. taking BW/TBW off of Readiness again, nerfing Rake into the dirt while simultaneously buffing the hell out of Monstrous Bite ;D), respec at 80 to drop the 51-point talent and get Readiness. My gorilla loses his 9% spell resistance that he's picked up from levels 77 through 79 but retains all of his other tanking talents.

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    Quote Originally Posted by navai

    BW Glyph as well of course..

    PvE purely \o/.

    Also allows to drop hit in gear down to 6%, 5% if you happen to have 5 draenei's in raids.
    I would say drop FI and get spirit bond, its awsome for PVP.

    *edit* just noticed u said its pure PVE... well for pve 51/15/5 (without exotic pets since so far scorpid and cats are better dps then any exotic pet)
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    or... GW2... undecided

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    For PvP, I'm more or less going to try a "The Beast Within + Readiness" build.

    If Disengage is going to be the rule of the day for Blizzard and Hunter defenses against melee, I might as well try to abuse the one skill we do have to try and shirk around the new tools the various other classes have picked up during the beta. It's not going to be fun running around without Silencing Shot or even Scatter Shot if need be, but by gum it, I'm not going to be snared if I don't have to be !

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    the 1st pvp build Im gonna try at 80 will be 49/11/11 with aimed and scatter and surefooted AND BW! :P

    then will test other stuff ^^
    Waiting for SWTOR (Star wars: the old republic)

    or... GW2... undecided

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    Quote Originally Posted by Terminado
    Reason 2. Bestial Wrath is technically a PET ability, as the tool tip states, (Sends your PET into a bestial rage.) So technically it is not a hunter ability.
    Bestial Wrath might be a Pet ability, but The Beast Within isn't, that's for sure.
    Now what to do...Readiness or Exotic Pets for BM-PvP?!?

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    yeah, but "The Beast Within" is not a cooldown or an ability- its an additional buff activated by Bestial Wrath.

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW Hunter ability. Consider it buff like powerinfusion but only target you can use it is your pet. Beast within then again is aditional effect that bestial wrath causes.

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    Re: Readiness & BW/TBW

    Animal Handler will be useless so I would pick up Endurence training or spirit bond with those two points you need to get deeper into BM.

    (It will be useless because hunter hit=pet hit so Capping hip will be doubley important.... which is easy)

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