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    Re: So this is Blizzard's understanding of balancing?

    Quote Originally Posted by drakkan
    Overall at the moment ele shamans don't necessarily suck, it's just not the answer all question to undergearedness that it used to be. With the new coefficient going through it probably will be taking a backseat to lava burst raw damagewise. Personally I feel ele will be scaling a tad bit better, even with some weaksauce talents for PvE later in the tree. You don't -have- to spec Thunderstorm after all =P.

    Oh and @ the OP - Boomkins were broken at the time, not sure if they've been fixed yet as I haven't logged onto the beta in ages.
    Personally, I'm not completely sure by what people mean as broken. Every class/spec is using this term even if they are topping the damage meters and doing twice as much dps as other classes. Same with healing.

    Granted I realize mana is a huge issue and can contribute to this, but it sure seems the phrase is being used too much.

    However, with that said, elemental is a broken spec. 2.8k-3k dps when classes are doing 5k is the very definition of broken in a world where dps is supposed to be balanced. And though I do feel that 4k-4.5k is probably where Blizz is looking at dps to be in Naxx, it does prove my point.

    To further talk about broken, in terms of elemental, is almost every post by Blizzard seems to have a complete lack of understanding of the elemental tree, not only that but the shaman class in general - whether that is from just basic totems, hex as our CC, LvB, etc...

    This friends is the definition of broken

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    Re: So this is Blizzard's understanding of balancing?

    Broken as in the spell damage coefficient for starfire was ridiculously high. This is not to say that ele DPS is where it should be, this is just to say that you may need a bit more gear in its current state to make it do the damage people would come to expect from elemental. Requiring so much gear to make a spec work well is not right, and I damn sure hope they fix it.

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    Re: So this is Blizzard's understanding of balancing?

    In the past, when what a Shaman brought to every raid group was limited to just the raid group, it was far easier to justify the loss in damage output for an Elemental Shaman vs. a Pure Caster. That was the trade off: I am weaker in dps in comparison to you, but I bring the goods to make your dps better.

    But now they've brought Totems & Bloodlust/Heroism to the entire raid (as long as you're in range). This reduces the need for multiple Shaman other than 2 (1 for Melee DPS & 1 for Caster/Healers). They've "rebalanced" our need for +Spell Hit to be that of a Pure Casters needs. But they've failed to boost our innate damage output to counter balance the loss of being able to hit stuff easier. Wherein the past, a Mage or Warlock had to stack heck of a lot of +Spell Hit, they weren't able to stack +Spell Crit/+Spell Damage as early as an Elemental Shaman, but once they hit their +Spell Hit mark, they pulled ahead.

    With this in mind, Elemental Shamans, now needing the same +Spell Hit as they do (a smidge less for Draenei Shaman), gained nothing to compensate for the loss of power. So, now we have to re-gem, re-enchant our gear with more +Spell Hit, we lose the +Spell Crit/+Spell Damage/+Spell Haste we had before, to gain around +100 Spell Hit Rating, just to now hit stuff, as much as before. So, we hit just as much as before, but for less. You can say "Well, you're getting the Lava Burst + Flame Shock Crit assurance, doesn't that beef up the damage output?" Actually, no. First off, we don't get Lava Burst till 75th lvl. So that's out of the equation till 1/2 through our leveling up in WotLK. Secondly, our CoEff's have been nerfed because of the new Raidwide buffing system. So that means in solo or small groups, our damage output is LESS. "But, you're getting a CC @ 80th, doesn't that help compensate for the loss of damage output?" Mages, Warlocks & Hunters have various form(s) of CC, but their damage output wasn't nerfed to substandard levels....and 2 of them are PET CLASSES.

    The list goes on and on & can safely say that outside of a miracle, the Shaman class will effectively be reduced to lolRet status with WotLK & that a year from WotLK's release, on the various forums when a post of "You know you're old school when......" gets done up and someone lists "You remember when Shamans were OP'd......" and you get a number of people saying "No way. They were OP once?" and it be a legitimate disbelief!

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    Re: So this is Blizzard's understanding of balancing?

    calm down ppl.
    blizz will give us the right boom for pew (someday).

    so long

    (srsly, i'm a retard. but who cares? geef sum c0okeeezz)

    Best regards

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